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8/10/13 12:39 A

Salmon is naturally a very oily fish, (but also a very healthy oil) and loses a lot in it's cooking. Below is a link to CalorieKing that shows cooked (various methods) and raw salmon Calories


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Actually, if you took the skin off AFTER frying, it would be less than 320 calories because the skin weighs some also.

Most protein/meat/fish items should be weighed after cooking for the most accurate counts.

Hope this helps!

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8/9/13 2:36 P

I did a quick google search:

180g salmon = 320 calories (cooked)

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8/9/13 1:59 P

Hi all!

Made an amazing lunch today... A big salad, with some quinoa and some pan-fried salmon. Anyways, I weight the salmon before frying it (180 grams), and I didn't add any oil to the pan. I have no idea how many calories this would be, because I took off the skin after frying it, and a ton of oil seemed to be released as I was cooking it.

Would love some feedback!

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