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5/28/12 11:14 P

Your heart will tell you what is right for you. Good luck.

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5/28/12 11:06 P

Nobody has spoken to your question about work hours. It is very commonplace, especially in larger companies, to have flexible work hours. You are only requesting a half-hour time difference. Shouldn't be a big deal usually.

Good luck!

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5/28/12 10:37 P

I agree with seem torn and this should tell you a lot. I've worked in HR for 20 years and still believe honesty is the best policy. I respect people who are honest with me as to whether or not the terms of my offer will work for them. Negotiation isn't about winning, but rather finding that balance where both parties experience a win/win. If you take a job and feel as though you compromised to do so, you won't be happy.

Best wishes,

5/28/12 10:36 P

I agree with Rebcca, it sounds like you know the answer and what you're leaning towards. If the new job will cut down the stress, I would take it, even if it offers less money. It sounds like they really want you, as well, otherwise they would not have made so many offers. However, this is the time to negotiate everything you want, so if you want to take this job, I would ask everything you can think of.

It seems that you want to hold off until a better paying position presents itself. If you have the means to do this and you can keep your sanity, I think you should hold off. Even if you take up the offer, you can keep looking.

I would write out everything you want to say ahead of time and then call. Just prepare yourself mentally and you'll do fine.

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5/28/12 10:29 P

Hello Mapleleaf,

I am thinking that by asking these questions you are moving towards knowing the answer. I do believe if you are clear and honest about your feelings, wishes and desires and state them as politely and concisely as you have here the recruiter should not be offended. I don't think it would hurt to state why you want to be with their company in complimentary terms.
Are you considering the other pros of this job beyond money? Like your quality of life and happiness, growth and stimulating mental challenges and fun.
Do stay in communication and if email has already been initiated by the recruiter I feel an email would be fine.
Best of success to you!!

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5/28/12 10:10 P

offered a job that I had 2nd-interviewed for the day before. I was very excited about the job, but the original offer was 9k less than my current salary (it doesn't require the license/degree I have that my current job requires). I explained that I made almost 10k more at my current job, and they came back with an offer for 6.5k less. I said I would have to think about it and asked if there was anything else they could do; they said they weren't sure due to equity/budget. The next day (last Fri) I got a call with an offer for 4k less than my current salary (5k increase from original offer). I told them I was looking at a couple other options and would need to think about it; they told me to take the weekend.

So, I had a super busy weekend and am still unsure of my decision. I've been looking for a few months now, had about 5 offers that were either not a good fit or too little $$, and I really want to leave my current job and put an end to the stress of job hunting. Also, the health insurance is cheaper and I wouldn't be paying union dues, so the difference really comes out to be about 2k vs 4k.

The company is large, and I've applied to other jobs in higher paying divisions/specialties, but did not get a response-- although I have the degree to perform the higher paying specialty, my background is mostly in the lower paying one.

It is rude/inappropriate for me to ask if I might be a fit for a position in a division that paid closer to my current salary? I don't want to piss off the recruiter or appear ungrateful, but I saw a new posting for a position I think I'd be a good fit for on Friday (although I don't meet 1 of the qualifications..), and the idea of settling for less $$ is unappealing, as I have a lot of bills, student loans, etc. I also got an offer for another job paying 5k more (a different type of position) last week, and am wondering if I should bring this up for leverage, even though I turned it down for other reasons...

If I do this, should I call tomorrow, even though I haven't made a decision (the recruiter was supposed to send me some benefits info which she didn't, so I can stall for a day or so), or send an email (which would be less anxiety provoking for me- she has communicated w/me thru email as well as phone).

I was also thinking about asking to negotiate the hrs (9-5 vs 830-430) but not sure if that's asking too much...

Thanks in advance!!!

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