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9/29/13 1:50 P

When I was younger and much more active, donuts were not a problem. Now that I am trying to keep my calories around 1200 and not get in the prediabetic category again, donuts are a no-no for me. It is all mind over matter. I now will take emoticon emoticon emoticon over a emoticon anytime. I love toast with laughing cow cheese topped with blueberries. Yummmm!

If you can afford the donuts calories wise - enjoy!

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9/29/13 12:36 P

Ok, Sweetie brings home a box of doughnuts every couple months or so. Thanks to your suggestions, I've asked him to bring only enough for him or to take the kids with him for a treat, and exclude me. He's agreed. I don't buy sweets too often (I've got the will power for that!) but not enough to avoid eating them if they're in the house. So, Yay! One less temptation. it seems that if I start the day with one bad decision then my whole day is shot. Happy to report that I had quinoa with blueberries for breakfast. So much more satisfying and filling than doughnuts!
Thanks, ladies!

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9/29/13 8:40 A

Although it is true that you have to exceed the amount of calories it takes to maintain your current weight in order to gain fat; all calories are created equal when it comes to fat loss. You're much more likely to overeat donuts than salads. Sweets tend to have that effect on us, they make our brain scream "more... MORE!"

I agree that having the occasional indulgence can fit into a healthy lifestyle but there are certain foods I tend to avoid for the most part or reserve for special occasions/holidays. As the PP pointed out, "trigger foods". Foods I know I am unlikely to stop at just one. However, I don't have off limit foods... if I am going to have this type of food I prefer to buy just one. In the donut example, I'd just buy 1 donut rather than a box I *intend* to spread out over the next few days because I know that's not likely to happen. If someone else had bought the box and was offering multiple donuts... I'd be inclined to refuse because even with the best intentions, I'm not likely to be satisfied with just one.

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9/29/13 7:02 A

idk... I wouldn't say there's "something wrong with you" because you can't stop at one doughnut. It would seem that maybe doughnuts are a "trigger" food for you. Could be sweets in general are a trigger. At any rate.... how about just buying ONE doughnut, when you feel like having a treat? Can't eat 3 if there's only 1 in the house. Or if there's a box of doughnuts at work... how about waiting to eat your 1 doughnut until right before you leave for the day? And then when you eat it, truly savor it. Don't just wolf it down. It's a treat and deserves to be thoroughly enjoyed. There are actually some foods that I avoid getting started on, because I know it will next to impossible for me to stop.

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9/28/13 9:07 P

emoticon So I read somewhere that eating a doughnut won't make you fat just like eating a salad won't make you skinny. I find this encouraging especially on days like today when I may have eaten -ahem - three doughnuts. What I need to know is how do I limit myself to one doughnut? I feel okay eating one. Its an indulgence and I think indulgences are necessary. Three however is just ridiculous and Why can't I just be flippin satisfied with one?? What's wrong with me?

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