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12/1/12 8:25 A

I was having a stressful day at work and I walked over to the nearby supermarket. Daily I purchase grapes for my family and in the checkout lane, there are bags of potato chips, cheetos and other such snacks. Plus they are the larger than 1.75 ounce bags but smaller than those large bags. I put my hand on it and thought instead of eating the whole bag I throw most of it out and just eat what I think the small bag would contain. Still waiting in the checkout line, the devil and angel were working on my conscience. The angel, "you know you won't throw them away, that is wasting money". The devil, "yes you will or you can leave the remainder in the lunch room and let others eat them". Anyway, my woo-hoo moment, I rested the cheetos down and checked out without purchasing them. In my cart was vegetables and the grapes. I was aware of my choice.

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12/1/12 3:17 A

Good on you!

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11/30/12 4:44 P

Way to go!

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11/30/12 8:16 A

emoticon to you emoticon this is the season for temptations - Stay strong

11/30/12 8:08 A

It's decisions like that that are going to make the difference! emoticon Keep it up and pounds will be gone before you know it! Good for you - Keep Sparking!

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11/30/12 8:06 A


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11/30/12 12:35 A

It was just a skinny cow 100 cal ice cream bar, but I had my hand on my 2nd one for the evening and said no! WHOOT!!

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