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5/8/12 12:27 P

Maybe I will just try the high lineolic from the store then...thanks all!

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5/8/12 9:54 A

Oh man, this is a quote from their own website.

"In a 16-week, double-blind controlled study conducted at Ohio State University1, researchers compared high-linoleic safflower oil (SAF) with conjugated linoleic acid (CLA). They studied overweight, post-menopausal women who had high blood sugar. These participants showed an average reduction of 6.3 percent belly fat and an average of 20.3 percent increase in the important belly fat hormone adiponectin."

They even SAY that the studies they are quoting used regular Safflower oil and not their product. All the Safflower Oil I buy is Linoleic. Just go to the store and buy a bottle that says that (rather than one that says oleic).

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5/8/12 9:39 A

Ohhhh LucyGoddess. I just looked up Safslim. It is just Safflower oil! You are paying $50 a bottle for something you can get at any grocery store.

Even on the Safslim website, the *ONLY* difference from regular Safflower oil that can come up is in this chart:

Taking them one by one:
"Patent-pending Technology"
Those are "trick words". Anything can be patent pending technology...anything can be technology. They are absolutely meaningless and don't indicate any health benefit. It probably has something to do with their process of putting it in some sort of caplet. Of course Safflower oil from the store doesn't have patent pending is oil!

"Emulsified for easier digestibility"
Again, trick words and even if this were true (or desirable!) it is not worth the $43 dollar price difference. Your body can digest Safflower oil just fine.

"Clinically tested ingredient"
That one made me laugh. Which ingredient? Water has been clinically tested, maybe they mean the water in it! Were the clinical tests even positive? You can do a clinical test, find no correlation to health and weight loss and still call it "clinically tested". If they mean Safflower oil as the ingredient, how can they possibly say that safflower oil ISN'T clinically tested?

"Convenient and easy to take"
I'm not quite sure why they think regular safflower oil isn't convenient and easy to take. It sits with my other oil and I use it for almost all of my cooking.

"Award winning flavor"
Another chuckle for subjectivity. I have just granted regular safflower oil (which is flavorless btw) an award for being flavorless. It now has award winning flavor.

I suppose what I am saying here is to keep rocking this if you are happy, however I think you are being scammed into paying $50 for something that costs from $4 to $7 at any grocery store. I honestly don't see how safflower oil can "target belly fat" (What does that even MEAN? What is the process behind this? That actually doesn't make any sort of scientific sense), but safflower oil is great for other reasons. You should totally continue with the Safflower oil, it is great stuff, but save yourself the insane amount of money and just buy the oil.

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LUCYGODDESS Posts: 2,410
5/7/12 10:02 A

To the first responder, I lost 38 lbs with only Sparkpeople and kept it off for several years...I have only put 1/2 of it back on because of not so smart choices. I don't plan on using Safslim my whole life either. But I have found results using it and seeing people respond to Sensa posts, I just thought if someone was looking to "supplement" what they are doing, this is the wiser choice, at least for me. It isn't necessarily focused on weight loss as much as it is inches in the belly region. Just wanted to give my opinion of a product I like. And it's not a pill.

To Nancy, I know Spark doesn't endorse anything other than eating healthy and exercising. I just wanted to comment on what has helped me. I simply like to post positive things about certain products just as I would negative things, as I did in the Sensa one.

Didn't know I was going to upset folks.

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5/7/12 9:54 A

Please note that SparkPeople does not endorse supplements making promises of weight loss success. Since supplements are not regulated by the FDA, as long as there is no promise for treatment or cure of an illness, they can make claims, but that does not mean they are safe for consumption (think first generation hydroxycut--which was pulled from the market due to a large number of liver failure cases and ephedra--due to heart issues). Both these supplements were sold over-the-counter.

Coach Nancy

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5/7/12 9:53 A


I'm glad that you're seeing results with this pill, but I think you have to ask yourself if you really want to take a pill for the rest of your life in order to keep the weight off ? That seems like an awfully expensive long term solution to me. What happens if you stop taking the pill because you lose your job ? Does the weight pack back on ? If so, then that's no good.

Spark People is a healthy way to take the weight off and keep it off. a person doesn't need to take a pill to lose weight. Many members including myself took the weight off and kept it off without diet pills, gimics or anything else of that nature.

What do I do ? I'm mindful of what I eat. I do my best to eat healthfully, watch my portions and get some regular exercise that includes some strength training. No pills necessary. Do you really want to be taking a pill at 60 years old to stay thin ? I sure wouldn't.

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LUCYGODDESS Posts: 2,410
5/7/12 9:42 A

Just starting a Safslim post, since I saw the Sensa one. I commented on the Sensa one...complete SCAM! But I have been using the Safslim for almost a month now, and actually can tell a difference in my belly. It does appear that my belly fat is shrinking somewhat. It says it takes 12 weeks to see real results, but hubby even said he thinks it's getting smaller.

I was recommended the Safslim by a Vitamin World manager (who is a friend of mine), who wouldn't lie to me about it. Of course he said, it helps some people. He has one client that is really overweight that he says it is working wonders with.

It is expensive...about $50 dollars for a 32 oz bottle (one months worth) and you take 1 Tbsp before breakfast and 1 Tbsp before dinner. OR the small bottles (1/2 months worth) are around $23 to $25. But this is one thing I think is worth it and wanted to give my opinion.

OHHHHH...and on the website it tells you once you lose down, you can go into maintenance with it and take once per day, so it will be cheaper then.

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