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10/10/13 7:27 P

I've been taking pole dance and pole fitness classes since april and love it. So much that i bought a pole for home. I find myself unmotivated to use it. I find the atmosphere of being around others to cheer for and cheer for you more productive. The key is to finding an open judgement free studio. I recommend checking out to search for studios in your area and learn more about everything involving pole. They also do video lessons, I havent tried them yet but they seem very reasonably priced and everyone one the site says they are great if you can only learn at home.

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8/12/13 7:57 P

I'm game for just about anything... but it's good to have reasonable expectations! I think I'm closer to your body type than your instructor. One of those "good peasant women" with heavy frame and lots of muscle (somewhere under the fat, that is).

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8/12/13 7:23 P

Yes, indeed...!!

Being lighter is another key advantage of youth over age...

The women who seem to excel at pole are shorter and smaller framed, probably with good reason...they are strong, but not in the same way I'm tutor could do all sorts of acrobatics on the pole, but give her a heavy bar like I squat or press and she couldn't lift it!!!

I'd suggest just trying might really love it!!! Go for it...:-)

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8/12/13 7:07 P

That's good info, August! Perhaps I should do some upper body strength training also before I attempt a class. (The bar work was somewhat athletic - it was horizontal bar for school gymnastics with practice at home - but I was SO much younger, stronger and more flexible. I keep forgetting the effect of age.) Thanks for sharing your experience!

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8/12/13 6:07 P

Hi there - I've done pole dancing, and I'd strongly advise going to a local studio...not just because of the need to have a safe, stable pole BUT because you may not actually like it when you try it.

Messing around on poles and bars as a kid is nothing like what it's like to lift your body off the ground as a fully grown adult; trust me!!

I'm fit and strong, but I found my first pole class REALLY HARD...I tried it several times before I moved on to other things...simply didn't fall in love with it; but at least I can now put on a good show if required...ha ha.

BTW - I'm in my 40's and there were plenty of women my age doing the classes, so sorry, you're a bit late there!!

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8/12/13 5:57 P

I'm coming to think that I will just need to cowboy up and drag my geriatric self to the local studio. Boy, there's a business plan: pole exercise for the over 40 set! Maybe a class will be my reward for reaching my first goal.

Thanks so much for advising me on this.

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8/11/13 3:08 A

Do you have the option of taking a class in a local studio instead? As you mentioned, SOO much of the home stuff is unsafe and difficult to mount properly. A pole must be mounted securely and permanently in to the floor and ceiling to support not only one's mass, but also the additional pull created when centripetal force is in play. A lot of people simply don't have the space/desire to mount a permanent pole in their homes, which is why youtube is full of so many temporary-poles-gone-wrong vids.

Pole dancing studios are popping up all over the place, even in my small, somewhat conservative city we have one with awesome yelp ratings.

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8/10/13 8:40 P

Can anyone point me in the direction of safe and not-too-expensive home pole dancing equipment? Workout tapes and books? I've read that some of the home equipment is not safe and comes lose from its fittings.

Would really appreciate some advice from people experienced in this form of workout. I need something FUN and this looks like it would be. I had a bar in the backyard as a child and I loved it. This seems like the same thing at a different orientation.

Thanks, SparkPeople!

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