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BK, I totally agree with the general gist of your post except for the part where you suggest that exchange rates don't matter to the average person. They do in that when US dollars are stronger, we import more from overseas (more buying power, travelling more, etc) so overseas goods are cheaper but when the US dollar is weaker then we import less and more goods are made in the USA. So there are positives and negatives to both situations.

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10/3/13 1:40 A

$1.72?? Well you're going back more than 10 years.... the worst the Canadian dollar has fared against the US dollar in the past 10 years is when it hit 72 cents (or, the USD could buy about $1.40 Canadian).

Yes, there was a brief couple years or so when the Canadian dollar totally tanked.. the worst i remember it being was $1CDN=64 cents USD. Those were some rough times for those of us north of the border - trust me, trips to Hawaii were OFF my radar, I skipped right over and headed to Mexico. But those years were quite the anomaly.

I don't think the value of our comparative dollars makes much difference to the day to day lives of anybody - unless your daily budget is built around cross-border bargain hunting or travelling.

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Today one US dollar is worth 1.03 in Canadian money. Not to long ago one US dollar was worth 1.72 in Canadian money. This makes day to day living even harder on the American people.

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