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RRAYNER Posts: 1,063
4/27/11 3:51 P

Whenever I get depressed, I say a little prayer and ask God for the strength to keep going. He's been there for me...

DOLLBABE56 SparkPoints: (68,748)
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4/27/10 7:23 A

Depression can cause physical symptoms. You need to go to a doctor for a complete physical. Have you encountered menopause yet? Have you seen a doctor for your depression. I have bipolar disorder and I see a psyciatrist - it took me a long time to accept that I needed help, but I am so glad that I did.
Start with your family doctor and discuss everything with them. Good luck. Keep us posted.

TATTER3 SparkPoints: (318,447)
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4/27/10 6:38 A

Get a complete physical...and then think about seeing a counselor or a therapist. Why are you so afraid of losing??? No judging here...I'm on the same circle and really feel for you. Just keep pressing on and know that you're not alone!!! Keep Sparkin'!!!

ANNIEGOOSE10 Posts: 77
4/27/10 2:03 A

gaining - losing - gaining - losing -- it's all part of the yo-yo syndrome. i think many of us have been there, done that! i know i have.

as we gett older and our skin ages, it can itch and burn. one doctor recommended taking lutein every day. i do this and my skin stops itching. also i use coconut oil on my skin.

for my depression i take vitamin b in the b-100 form. most days i can get by with just one b-100; some days i take 2 -3.

every day above ground is a good day.

some days the best i can accomplish is to get out of bed, make tea and eat breakfast. that's just the way things are sometimes.

i've been homebound this past almost year and a half with a bum knee so i'm quite familiar with boredom and mild depression.

i just like to keep thinking happy thoughts. emoticon

NEED_TO_TRY Posts: 111
4/26/10 9:24 P

I have always said it has been a vicious circle. I feel like a rat that can't get off the wheel. I gained weight, got depressed because I did not fit into my clothes, stopped doing things all my friends were doing, etc., then lost, got too comfortable, then gained and so on and so on.... It is tough, but I'm back on track, working my way down again, because I want to and deserve to be happy. Glad you found out what the burning was, and the depression, if it continues please talk to someone. But losing weight and feeling better about yourself is a good start. You too deserve to be happy and healthy, so do it right. Maybe we'll both stick with it this time. I wish you the best on the journey to good mental and physical health...they definitely impact each other.

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LINKS2 Posts: 9
4/26/10 9:07 P

Thanks all for your caring...I realize this post is well after the fact, but the reason for the burning, painful skin was(drum roll) that was not a lot of fun...anyways, I managed to lose about 18 pounds but now have stagnated seems when i do start a workout program, I get sick, and then am laid up for a while...almost like one step forward, two steps back...not really, more like two steps forward, one step back...
Once again, thank you all for your input...


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11/1/09 12:10 P

Depression can cause a whole bunch of symptoms. You need to talk with your doctor. We can give you lots of support while you are losing weight and when you reach goal, you don't have to leave here. You will go on maintenance to keep a check on your weight. So hang in there. YOU CAN DO IT!! emoticon emoticon

10/31/09 7:43 P

The skin issue sounds strange? Don't know where that is coming from. Exercise, if you can force yourself to do it, helps mucho with depression. 30 minute brisk walk and you will feel better. The trouble is that with depression it is sometimes hard to take that first step. But brisk exercise will make you feel better, so try to motivate or bribe yourself to do it. Also, have you tried fish oil supplements. Takes quite a bit to help with the depression but fish oil (not fish LIVER oil) is good for us. Also, you might consider vitamin D supplements or even have your vitamin D levels tested by your doctor.

Personally, I would try as hard as a could to do these things before getting on a psychotropic medication.

4DOGNIGHT Posts: 9,129
10/31/09 4:15 P

Have you seen a doctor for your depression? Or Therapist. I have taken meds for depression since 1995 and recently decided, with my doctor to eliminate one of them. I have a cocktail of meds. Without them, previously, I would have been a basket case but now, have much less stress due to moving my business to the home and other things. The first month eliminating that one med was hell. Now I seem to cope although I do get stressed and anxious at times, I seem to overcome. If you have not seen a doctor, I suggest you do so. Also, I have steadily gained weight since I was 36, up and up. No matter what I do, I don't lose. Soooo. Here I am again.

10/31/09 2:45 P

Hi Links2:
I know exactly how you feel...however we can both be sad and drepressed together or simply snap out of it and realize that there is a life we need to live for ourselves and we need to feel good about how we feel and how we look! So get up from wherever you are, smile at yourself in the mirror and start from the start again and this time think positive and the weight will go... you can only take a day at a time and today is the day to start!

LINKS2 Posts: 9
10/31/09 2:22 P

Up and down like a yoyo...getting to the point where I just really wonder about myself...very distessed...I feel like a blob, I go in spurts...I can lose forty pounds, then i will gain it all back...and then back to the depression...or is it the depression that is helping me put it back on...?
I have done this three times now, and I am on my way back up again. I feel terrible in my clothing, I feel terrible in general.
Kind of a hopeless feeling.
My skin hurts....upper feels like my skin is burning and yet no sign of anything out of the rashing...nothing...but very sensitive and painful to the touch...can this be brought on by my depression?

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