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5/26/13 4:08 P

That poor girl! We all know we can have some...but I know with pizza, I can't! One slice quickly becomes five! I would've been mad too!

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5/26/13 4:02 P

There is one girl that I work with, and she is trying to do Weight Watchers, and the other day, some of my co-workers ordered Little Caesars pizza and crazy bread (as a dieter, that's a nightmare...who doesn't want a whole bag of the crazy bread to themselves!?) Then, they left all the leftovers on my friend's desk. She was kind of mad and said, "They know I'm trying to do Weight Watchers!". I think a lot of people just don't think. Someone who is trying to watch what they eat can have good food. They are just not the people to take the leftovers. I have learned to find locate "goats" in every situation. Teenagers with mammoth metabolisms who can eat the leftovers...or people who live alone or have a family with people to share in leftovers like that. I certainly don't need a bag of crazy bread right now, lol.

5/26/13 2:00 P

My husband, when he cooks, makes things like perogies, sausage, and bacon!

Thanks for the input! 😀

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5/26/13 12:51 A

My husband of 44 yrs can eat anything and everything and never gains weight. If he did gain 10#, he'd stop eating a couple of days and get it off. He cooks and it is no wonder I've weighed 214# five and a half years ago. So, I know what it is like. Just do this for YOU and no one else.

5/25/13 10:57 A

I have a friend who is a saboteur...she weighs 60 lbs less than me and seems to go out of her way to sabotage my efforts and those of her husband. But I recognize that her upbringing was feeding people...her mum was always baking and she does it too, that's how you show love! Because I recognize that I don't hold it against her and I am able to enjoy her baking and cooking without overindulging! I also try to include her in my exercise routines because that's how I show love! Being aware of her sabotaging helps me overcome them! I am committed to eating healthy, getting healthy, and staying healthy! But I also realize that I can enjoy her baking without sabotaging myself! Anyone else know a saboteur? What do you do?

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