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6/10/10 12:59 P

My husband and I are both laid off, so we won't be going anywhere this year. Instead, we got season passes to Zoo Atlanta, White Water, and Six Flags. We go to one of those places once a week or so. We are also taking advantage of free local events. Today we took the boys to see The Princess and the Frog at our local theater for free. There are also free programs for the kids 2 times a week at the local library. They won't have time to get bores, I hope!

6/8/10 11:37 A

About book clubs and summer reading programs: our public library has one and sometimes our Christian book store also has one. Parable Book Stores sometimes have local and nation-wide programs.

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6/7/10 10:47 P

Thanks for the info. on kids bowl free. I registered, we will have to do this!
We are going to the free movies at Regal Theaters, they have them in different states, here is a link:
Also, Borders (Waldenbooks) & Barnes and Noble have kids reading programs where they get free books if they read. Links and

6/1/10 3:26 P

We just got back from a GREAT VACATION! We toured the Georgia Aquarium and World of Coke in Atlanta, GA, Bob Jones University in Greenville, SC, and Samaritan's Purse in Boone, NC . We went gem mining for 2 days in Hiddenite, NC. Besides that, we visited Blowing Rock, Table Rock, Chimney Rock including Hickory Nut Falls, Grandfather Mountain, Linville Falls, and Mount Mitchell, NC. This included quite a bit of hiking and walking.

Keep in mind, if you look for mountains and waterfalls on state park and national forest websites, that they rate these places according to distance, time required and difficulty. Though I am somewhat overweight, I am not completely out of shape. Still, I felt that some sites tended to underestimate difficulty and time required.


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6/1/10 1:40 P

We are going to West Virginia for a couple of weeks to see my parents. We live about 15 mile from the beach so we will take alot of beach days. I also want to hit the water park a few times. They have a free movie here every Tuesday at the Regal so we will go to some of those. My dd, going into the 6th grade also has a summer reading list and reports to do over the summer. The reports are do the first day of school. I will also be working on some math with her to make sure she is ready for pre algebra. We have the pool in the back yard, will grill out just about every weekend, she may take a class at the comminity college if we can fit that in. They have some fun cooking classes and web design classes for tweens/teens.

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5/23/10 8:23 P

What about volunteer opportunities for older children?

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5/18/10 9:49 P

My 5 year old is doing a preschool summer camp Tues/Thurs for half the summer. We go camping for 10 days at the end of July. We're going to Disney in August. And I plan on taking her to the Y while I work out, swimming/splash park at our Y camp, taking her to our children's museum and zoo (we are members of each). Playgrounds, bike rides, and swimming. That about covers it. Maybe a program or two at the local libraries too.

5/18/10 5:05 P

Sure, we're from Oklahoma. I would check online at your local theaters for the free movie program. Also, check

5/18/10 1:33 P

Tray and Jay, do you mind mentioning in what part of the country you live? I am ready to move. LOL!

5/18/10 11:55 A

Check into a program called Kid's Bowl Free. They can bowl up to 2 free games a day before 6. I'm not sure where you live, but we are going to participate. Also, in our area there are free kids' summer movie programs or programs where they can go to the movie for $1.

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5/18/10 8:08 A

Getaway at the beach

5/18/10 2:04 A

Nice topic!

I have a 12 yo girl, 8 yo boy and a 1 yo on the 27th of this month, YAY!

I'm thinking to do a reading program for my son and his friends, after I come back from traveling. Something, that will get them more excited about reading. Kids these days are into xbox, tv and lounging. I don't like that all the time.

For my daughter, I'm thinking to have some faux sleepover days, that she can plan. We were doing Girl Scouts but she's not into it anymore.

The lil lady of our lives will just keep us all busy.

I'm interested in seeing other responses.

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5/18/10 12:17 A

Any one want to share what they are doing WITH their families/children this summer?

Last summer, my nine year old was in the YMCA summer camp program, but it just isn't happening this summer.

I don't want her coming to me saying "Mom, I'm bored." "Mom, I'm bored." "MOM, ARE YOU LISTENING TO ME? I'M BORED!" But since she is academically advanced and physically fit and admirably mature, I know that if I don't find something for her to do, I am going to get an earful.

So have at it folks. Let's let the kids be kids this summer and let's find some fun for them to do!

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