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STUPID QUESTION ALERT! (Feel free to make fun )

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9/28/12 3:15 P

I'm going to have to follow your advice, CMCOLE, because the new shirt didn't work. *sigh* Oh well. Doesn't mean I'm not giving my all. And maybe I can get someone to throw a bucket of water on me while I'm working out! That'd work! =)

Thanks everyone for the advice!

Posts: 2,667
9/9/12 6:50 A

There are some members of my family (hubby, son) who seems to sweat while breathing; while it takes a lot to make me obviously sweat.

Just saying; some people show it more than others, but that doesn't mean the workout is invalid

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9/8/12 4:14 P

Above link is about tee shirts that make motivational quotes appear when you sweat and other tricks with these new sensory fabrics.

SparkPoints: (22,602)
Fitness Minutes: (9,653)
Posts: 343
9/8/12 4:00 P

Okay. I took EVERYONES advice and got a light grey, slightly smaller, duo dry shirt. =)

Will test it out at the gym today. Thanks everyone!!

Posts: 197
8/29/12 2:32 P

Another possibility (if you're not already doing this) is to wear a fitted workout shirt instead of a baggy t-shirt. When I wear my offical 'workout wear' then it sticks to my body and pulls the sweat into it faster. But then, it's fitted, which isn't forgiving. Good luck on looking sweaty!

Posts: 1,163
8/29/12 1:53 P

Smile. I love this thread. I wish I had this problem. I just wear a grey t-shirt. It was a 24 shirt. You know the one that says "If you don't watch 24, you don't know Jack". Well, I came in with it light grey and left with it almost black covered in my sweat. I had to ring the thing out. SO yes, I know grey is the way to go. :P :)

Posts: 83
8/29/12 1:01 P

What an interesting question and totally made me laugh! (The sugar reference to meth.) For the first time ever I had t-shirt sweat show on the my stomach last week. It was a plain cotton shirt, I think red or purple. I would think that grey shows it better, but most of my shirts were grey and I didn't notice anything. I'll have to keep an eye out now, I'm curious. What also might help is if you smooth your shirt over your body a little bit a few times throughout the workout so it transfers onto the cotton.

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8/28/12 10:08 P

I'm going with a combo of a couple of the replies--the sweat wicking shirt will draw the sweat away from your skin and the lighter colors will show it more--like grey, light blue etc.

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8/28/12 7:37 P

I find that grey cotton shirts show the sweat better than other colors.

Posts: 1,036
8/28/12 6:39 P

You could try going without the undershirt. It might be more comfortable as well.

And wanting public recognition for your workout is completely okay.

SparkPoints: (22,602)
Fitness Minutes: (9,653)
Posts: 343
8/28/12 5:43 P

I've actually thought about doing that! hahaha!

Posts: 46,444
8/28/12 5:40 P

First the ONLY stupid question is the one that you had but did NOT ask.

Having said that, if you ARE sweaty and you don't show it, most people would envy YOU, but you could always "fake" the external sweat - bring a spray bottle with you and spritz yourself liberally and you will LOOK like you worked out as hard as you REALLY did.

SparkPoints: (22,602)
Fitness Minutes: (9,653)
Posts: 343
8/28/12 2:24 P

You are my hero! Thank you!!!

Posts: 91
8/28/12 2:14 P

It's not a stupid question. There is no stupid question when you are getting healthy. The reason your shirt isn't soaked in sweat is because you are wearing cotton t-shirts. They don't absorb the sweat. Try looking for workout shirts that are duo dry or Wicking lycra t-shirt or
Bamboo - natural wicking and antimicrobial t-shirt. They absorb the sweat helping to keep you cool and pull the moisture away from the skin. Hope this helps.

SparkPoints: (22,602)
Fitness Minutes: (9,653)
Posts: 343
8/28/12 1:47 P

Yeah so I really really want to be one of those that leave the gym with their shirt a complete sweaty mess. However when I leave, UNDER my shirt is a complete sweaty mess, but my shirt has absorbed none of it. I look like I've barely done anything according to the state of my shirt, but my hair and face looking like I've done a triple gainer into the toilet or something. I'm just wearing random t-shirts to the gym (concert t-shirt yesterday, Richard Petty shirt today, Muhammad Ali shirt the day before). Here's my stupid question: is there a shirt I can buy that you've noticed you are sweatier in? Like some sort of cotton blend or something, or you've noticed that shirts from a certain store... whatever. I want the feeling of accomplishment, even if I'm the only one who notices it or cares.

Yeah I told you this is stupid, but I don't give a crap. =)

BTW I just ate sugar after two months without it. I'm not on meth. I promise.

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