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N16351D Posts: 2,349
11/1/12 7:07 A

I have considered that on my healthy lifestyle journey, I start over about every day since there are inevitable ups and downs in my fitness and healthy eating routines.

It is a daily journey toward being the best we can be.

HEALER1 Posts: 1,145
10/27/12 5:20 P

set small, more frequent goals. Instead of a goal of losing 10 pounds a month, set a goal to eat healthy 1 day at a time ( or 1 meal at a time).
This makes it more doable and not seem so impossible to achieve.

The best goal I ever set was to to stop telling myself negative things (ex. you're too fat, you cant do this, you look ridiculous, etc). By stopping my own negative thoughts--I set myself free!
You can't achieve success if you keep yourself down by self ridicule one works well under harsh criticism.
This is my motivational framework.

Good luck!

10/27/12 4:18 P

I like Spark Coach's re-framing idea--none of us are really "starting over;" we've just picking up and moving forward to the next step.

So, just go from this moment and take it one day, one bite and one step at a time.

Best of success to you on this journey. You CAN do it.

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10/27/12 9:36 A


What about re-framing your journey? Starting over implies there is a beginning and an end, but in all reality if your goal is to permanently lose the weight, you are going to have to be on this journey for the rest of your life. In other words you are always going to be mindful of your eating and deal with working in your exercise whenever and wherever you can.

So what do you do? You allow yourself to enjoy all foods along the way, but the deal is, you must plan for them and you must track them. For many, when we begin a diet, we totally eliminate foods from our plan and in doing so, when we are exposed to them we develop an all-or-nothing mentality vowing to begin again tomorrow. But the reality one meal will not undo all your hard work, unless you allow that to happen.

Be strong!

Coach Nancy

CALLIE2010 Posts: 78
10/27/12 8:30 A

I also joined here before, enjoyed some success, but then just fell out of the habit. I came back briefly earlier this year, but got sidetracked with some health issues. And now, this week, I am trying again, and was disappointed to notice my 'start' weight now was higher than it was last time...But hey, it happens, and I think it's important to remember that many people lose motivation along the way, and that other things happen in life that get in the way sometimes.
I'm feeling good about myself for coming back and I hope that you feel good about your decision to come back as well. It's a good step in the right direction. I hope you have every success this time.


NANCYPAT1 Posts: 58,265
10/27/12 8:12 A

First of all, be proud of the fact that you caught yourself making poor choices BEFORE you gained back all 11 and then some more KGs. Now, you need to make a plan.

Pizza may not be ideal, but it can be worked into a healthy eating plan. How will you make it work for YOU?

Exercise could be as simple as finding a LONG way home from classes and just walking/jogging/running that route regularly. How will you fit your exercise into your busy schedule?

What healthy foods can you prepare, package, and carry along on particularly long days or have ready at home so they are AS quick and easy as the pizza? THINK customizing a PLAN to fit your CURRENT life and schedule.

You did it once - now, do it again. Trust me some of us have done it over and over and over again for some 40-50 years or more - so no shame in doing it over again, only it not doing it at all.

10/26/12 10:59 P

Hi guys, I joined SP since May, spark people helped me to loose 11 kg plus from 65kg to 53kg. I started to loosen up since september when I moved place, back to college etc. It's been one month plus since my last real workout, I eat delivery pizza hut almost everyday since its faster.
I just weighed myself, I gained almost 3 kg.

I dont want this to continue and I want to aim till my goal and stay commit forever. I hope you guys can share ur experience to stay motivated, and maybe some of you experienced the same thing. Thank you!

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