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11/7/13 8:45 A

the continued perpetuation of fitness myths, either implied or intentional is one of my biggest pet peeves about the fitness industry. Spark is really no different, they're a business and they use language that people want to hear.

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11/7/13 8:25 A

But they still use the same misleading language. I'm with Jennilacy on this one.

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11/7/13 12:21 A

You can't lose fat from specific areas by exercising them but you can tighten those areas so that they look smaller. I always took the targeting of exercises that Spark gives to mean tightening and strengthening rather than that you'd be losing fat. I, for one, want to know which muscles are being worked by the exercises I'm doing so that I can make sure and work them all adequately.

I really don't think SparkPeople is saying you can lose fat in specific areas by exercising. In fact, they'd be the first to tell you that spot reducing doesn't work.

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11/6/13 11:34 P

Great post JENNILACEY - took the words right off my keyboard!

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11/6/13 7:30 P

I know what you mean. You've hit on one of my main pet peeves. I come across it a lot too in workout videos or routines. They don't directly say it will remove fat around that area but they definitely do imply it. No wonder there are so many misinformed people who are looking for exercises to get a thinner waistline or slimmer legs. It gives people false hope.

I do some Jillian Micheal's videos because I like her routines but she is awful for it. Bugs the heck out of me when she perpetuates myths not only about spot reduction but telling women that "static poses help you get lean without bulk, you don't need weights". Really Jillian? We know that if you even have the least bit of education on fitness that a woman building muscle is not going to get bulky. That there is no difference at all between getting "lean", "toned", (other marketing speech used to assure woman that they won't look like a female wrestler) and building muscle. You either build muscle... or you don't. It makes me gag when I hear a female fitness guru perpetuating the myth that if a woman lifts a weight heavier than her hand bag she'll bulk up like man. ugh.

I have noticed too that Spark isn't free of this coy marketing speech of "toning" and slimming certain areas. I don't dig the sugar coating.

11/6/13 7:07 P


one of the biggest things that I learned was that fat comes off where it comes off. That is you cannot target an area to lose fat there. you can make an area stronger, but not specifically lower fat in one area.

Even though you see this fact put forth in many places. I still a lot of exercises on SP labeled things like "belly blaster" "leaner legs" or the like. Even if they don't specifically say will reduce fat in area x, there is an implication. Kinda bugs me.


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