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LILLEAN Posts: 884
12/9/13 10:42 A

@ Nirerin I did mistake the numbers. My calorie range is 1540-1890 with carbs at 173-307,fats at 34-74 and protein at 60-165. I think these ranges are ok after reading your post.

NIRERIN Posts: 14,133
12/9/13 7:27 A

well, your spark ranges are supposed to be 350 cals wide and the range you posted is only 290 cals wide. so to me that says something may have been changed manually. or it's also possible that a slightly smaller range goes along with the new tracker and/or a specialty program that i am not on. is it possible you mistook a 1510 for a 1570? because 1510-1860 would be a regular sparkrange.
my ranges are 1480-1810, fats are 32-70, carbs are 164 to 294, and protein is 60-158 to give you a comparison point. so if your ranges should be a tiny bit higher than that then you should be up to about 75 fat, 300 carb and 160 protein.
now if you want to be a little more moderate in carbs you don't need to eat the whole 300 grams you are allowed. stick closer to the 160 number and you can be in your range.

LILLEAN Posts: 884
12/9/13 6:50 A

Thx for all the advice I did notice something wrong but I wanted to be sure. I changed my fitness settings from burning 2000 exercise calories per week to 2800 exercise calories per week and it gave me a calorie range of 1570-1860. Is it ok now?

12/8/13 5:28 P

I agree that you need to re-enter your information.
Our SP carb range is 45-65% of your calories coming from carbs.
Staying at the lower end of the range---may be the lower approach you are looking for.

your SP Registered Dietitian

NIRERIN Posts: 14,133
12/8/13 4:28 P

sounds like your ranges got screwed up somewhere. the top of your carb range should be 65% of your total calories. i would go back to your goals, reenter all your info, save it and then see what your ranges are.

LILLEAN Posts: 884
12/8/13 4:00 P

I recently changed my fitness settings because I now burn on average about 2800 exercise calories per week. Ofcourse I was expecting my calorie range to increase but the carbs are so high. Staying within that range when I run report of the day, the chart shows like 74% of my calories came from carbs, and the other 25% divided between protein and fats. I want to go low carb because I have noticed a high carb diet does me no good. I need help with this. Should I go according to SP or adjust it myself and if I should what carb range should I be in.

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