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8/7/12 6:49 P

FYI put the olive oil, whole wheat spaghetti and parmesan cheese in the calculator and it said the total fat is 5.8. Looks like they misplaced the decimal point.

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8/7/12 6:45 P

My book also says 57.3 g total fat. It is a mistake. The only fat is the tbsp of oil the w/w noodles and parmesan cheese. So how was the spaghetti?

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7/27/12 5:11 P

Thank you!

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7/27/12 8:35 A

That may be an error on the Kindle version - I see it online as 7.3 g per serving.

Coach Denise

JLSTTYL Posts: 2
7/27/12 1:11 A

Please tell me I'm not going crazy!

The fat content listed for one serving of Weeknight Spaghetti is 57.3 g. This seems hard to believe considering the ingredient with the most fat is the whole wheat pasta which only has 14 g of fat per serving, give or take some for different brands.

Not to mention, the healthy daily fat intake is between 27 and 60 g for me. It just seems a little outrageous, too much so to be true.

Are the numbers wrong?

I have purchased the Kindle version if that helps.

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