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7/23/12 3:56 P

Thank you so much for your advice! I did end up getting something from the vending machine called "Kars Cranberry Almond Delight", and I ate the whole bag. But I saved the nutrition information so that I can track it for today's totals.

Thanks to everyone for their support and positive attitude!

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7/23/12 3:56 P

Some vending machines do have apples. just take a good look at the apple to make sure it's okay.

I've noticed that vending machines are carrying better quality snacks. There should be nuts or even pretzels. Either qualifies as mostly harmless.

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7/23/12 2:51 P

i agree that there should be some nuts or trail mix in there. just a little something to tide you over. and if you go for some chips get the baked ones. what 140 calories now if it will prevent you from binging later. personally i know that when i skeppied the vending machine when i was in a pinch i couldnt stop myself later. just something to consider.

TEALLEN04 SparkPoints: (12,104)
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7/23/12 12:42 P

I have about 2 minutes before I have to leave for my next appointment, so I can't go to a proper store. If I can hold out for another 2 minutes, I could just wait to eat until I get home around noon. But I'm feeling hungry and a little frantic, which is why the vending machine seems so alluring right now.

You're right about the possibility of something semi-healthy in the vending machine. Weighing my options. Hmmm. Nuts might not be so so bad.

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7/23/12 12:36 P

not all vending machines snacks are terrible. Are there chocolate covered peanuts? trail mix?

many gas stations/drugstores/convenience stores now carry fresh fruit/veggie platters/whole grain crackers now too.

If you can go to the vending machine, you can probably take a trip to find healthy food at another store.

TEALLEN04 SparkPoints: (12,104)
Fitness Minutes: (3,282)
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7/23/12 12:32 P

Forgot to bring my snacks with me and now I'm contemplating the vending machine. Help!

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