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6/17/13 9:40 P

Hi, I WAS also a coke addict, I couldn't have lunch or dinner without drinking a coke. That's the only soda I drank so I thought it wasn't that bad, but it was. When I tested my blood sugar it was high so I started cutting down I drank half a can then only some once in the day then last year November I stopped drinking.I haven't had coke or any other soda. At first I missed it but quite honestly I don't remember the taste anymore & I don't care to have it. So 8 months soda free feels great! Try cutting down, limit yourself, give yourself a quota for the day it gets easier like that.


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6/17/13 3:42 P

I am a major diet coke addict!! I would wake up craving one! I'd have one on the way to work, at lunch, dinner, all the time!! Finally about 3 weeks ago, I just decided to stop! I drink lots of water and tea. I use the Mio's to give my water some flavor, for when I am having the cravings for something tasty!! Tomorrow, will be 3 weeks that I haven't had one!!
Just take it one day at a time. Start slowly cutting yourself back until you can stop all together!!
Good Luck!!

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6/17/13 12:14 P


I was a Diet Coke addict. No exaggeration, I drank a 2 liter bottle per day ! It took me years before I was able to kick the habit. So, don't beat yourself up if you find yourself addicted, many of us did too.

How did I get off ? I know there are many experts who say that drinking diet sodas can hinder a person's weight loss. I didn't have that problem. I drank Diet Coke every day and still lost weight. HOWEVER, as I became more health conscious, I knew the Diet Coke had to go. I knew all that artificial sugar, chemicals and preservatives were no good for me.

I slowly weened myself off the stuff. I started drinking more water. for a fizzy fix, I started drinking flavored sparkling waters and mineral water. I became a big fan of mineral water when I was on vacation in Italy. Love mineral water and Whole Foods makes a really yummy citrus flavored mineral water that's reasonably priced and tastes good too.

If you're looking for a healthy substitute for soda, try flavored sparkling waters like Adirondak, Poland Springs, etc... read the label, some brands do use artificial sweeteners. I buy the ones that don't have them.

Slowly try to drink more water, than soda. With time, you can ween yourself off the stuff. If you want to try diet sodas, you could try swapping over for diet for the time being. Like I said, I drink Diet Coke and still lost weight. But, I knew at some point to be healthy, the soda had to go.

Also, you might consider trying organic brand sodas instead of mainstream ones. Yes, they are going to be pricey. BUT they might be a healthier alternative to the chemical laden ones in the supermarket. You might find them less addictive as well as a nice treat once in a while. I do like a nice organic root beer once in a while. I won't drink regular soda anymore.

It takes time, but you can get yourself off the stuff. Shoot, if I can do it anyone can.

BETHS60 Posts: 560
6/17/13 11:50 A

I have a friend who dropped 40 pounds in a year by switching from cans of soda to cans of seltzer water. He made NO other changes.

Maybe that would help you. It looks like Vintage Seltzer Water only contains carbonated water and natural flavors. No calories. No sodium. No sugar.

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6/17/13 10:19 A

Soda hasn't been my problem, but it was my husband's. He used to drink two super Big Gulps of Dr. Pepper every day. He realized one day that if he didn't have the soda, he would get a headache and be really crabby. So he decided to quit, and he went cold turkey. It was hard at first, he had to completely stop going to convenience stores and throw away his big cups, but now it's been 2 years and he's had maybe 2 sodas since he quit.

It sounds like you need to just stop completely, if having just one will send you off the deep end. May you could replace the soda with something else, like soda water with fruit?

CHERIE682 Posts: 606
6/17/13 10:06 A

Good morning!!

I just wanted to know if anyone out there suffers from the same addiction as me, SODA??!! I am a regular coke girl, oh how I love it but I will settle for just about any flavor. The problem is I can't just have a mini can when I start I DEEP END it BAD!! I know how much sugar calories and chemicals are in it but one sip and it is too late!
Does anyone else do this to themselves?? I know a LOT of weight problem is the coke...any suggestions for kicking the coke habit??!!


Cherie the coke head!

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