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8/1/14 9:11 P

I would be honest, direct, and logical. I encourage you to be aware that running can be an addiction for some, and that an addict must be in recovery in order to participate in a healthy relationship.

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7/27/14 5:13 A

I completely agree with the post below. Just sit down with him and lay out all of the facts. There should be a happy medium. Family is first. :-)

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6/24/14 2:47 P

Have you gotten any resolution to this yet? Distance running takes a big time commitment but he should talk things over with you before significantly increasing his running hours. If he hasn't yet, you'll have to be the one to mention it. I would suggest stating the facts- that it's taking away family time and placing a greater burden on you when he's gone so much. Try not to get angry or defensive, explain that you want to be supportive of his running and you want to figure out a schedule that works for the family. Do you think that would work?

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6/18/14 1:08 P

if you can't beat him, join him.

does your SO work?

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6/18/14 8:13 A

That is really hard. Have you talked to him about it? Why does he suddenly want to run so much? Have there been other changes?
You probably can't ask him to run less, but can you ask him to schedule time with you?

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6/8/14 6:23 P

Let me start this by saying that I value fitness, nutrition, and a healthy, active lifestyle (I'm at Sparkpeople after all lol).

My SO is almost 30 years old. He has been a runner since he was 12. He ran cross country in both high school and college. We've been together 5 1/2 years and I know he likes to run.

For most of our relationship, he ran somewhere around 20 miles a week. In the past few months, however, he has gone back to the schedule he used during college -- 10 to 15 miles a DAY, sometimes even 20. As you can imagine, this takes HOURS. Today, for instance, he woke up at 9 am, got dressed to run, pottered around, ate, and then left at noon. He finally got back around 3:30 (went to Dick's to pick up new socks and running clothes).

I asked what we were doing the rest of the day and he says, 'Oh. I'm running again at 5 with the running club." WHAT???? He was only home long enough to take a shower, eat something, and put on clean running clothes. He left at 4:45 and won't be back until a little after 7.

He really, truly is running (drenched in sweat, his feet look horrible, and he's running with a club that has a schedule on their website -- I've checked it all).

I'm not sure how to address this with him. Being fit and healthy is awesome, but there's a point where it's taking away from family time and we've definitely reached it. I work out for about 10 hours a week myself....

Thoughts or advice?

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