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2/2/12 7:03 P

Beekaboo - please don't give up! We are all cheering for you. Not all of us lose weight quickly - and it's just not fair to compare yourself to your husband. Their ability to lose weight quickly is just one of many ways men cheat at life. emoticon

LAETU5 Posts: 1,405
2/2/12 2:15 P

i've noticed that sometimes my weight loss stalls if I eat too little for too many days in a row; even if it's at 1200 calories. So yes, eating more may help and you'd probably have to go over 2000 a day in order to be anywhere near gaining. Look up where your maintance calories are at for your weight and activity level so you know what your max calories could be if you were to maintain right helps to do that so you have a good idea of just how much of a deficit you are creating.

BEEKABOO43 Posts: 19
2/1/12 5:19 P

Wow! Thanks so much for all of the suggestions and most of all inspiration! You all have made so much success in your own journeys!

I did speak with my doctor on the phone today and I explained that I have only been eating whole grains and fruits and veggies in terms of carbs (and for the most part, I've been doing that for a very long time, since before I started "dieting"). She recommended that I start taking Fish Oil everyday. She also said that my numbers aren't much to be concerned about as they're only slightly above what they should be.

As for food tracking, I haven't been tracking on sparkpeople but have been tracking pretty religiously on a program that I have on my phone...maybe I'll try the sparkpeople app.

And I was thinking earlier in the week that if I don't see any change at all in the next month, I will probably make an appointment with a dietician. I have kind of suspected that maybe I was eating too little but I feel like I'm always eating until I'm satisfied...I suppose I just eat a lot of low calorie foods. But, maybe I'll try bringing it up to 1500 this week and see if it makes a difference.

Thanks again for all of the help and support! :.)

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2/1/12 4:59 P

Hi Beekaboo!
I started eating healthier and exercising in November 2010, and didn't lose a pound until May 2011! But once it kicked in, I lost 60 pounds between May and October 2011. October through now I've been stuck again. What I learned when I first started and was not seeing results, like you are now, and then getting such sudden and drastic results as I did, is that you really should just not give up!!! Keep trying different things. For me, it was low carb that finally started working for me. But there are other options, carb cycling, food pyramid models, etc. I think that each person has their own distinct thing that works for them, and what I'm finding now - amidst the 3 month plataeu that I'm currently on- is that what worked for me once may not work for me always, and I have to be prepared to shift things around and try and try again, all while maintaining the parameters I need so that I don't regain any weight while I'm in these periods of plataeu. Just like it suddenly, and drastically, kicked in for me once before, I have faith that it will do it again. You can bank on this also. Just keep at it! I would take the advice you're getting from everyone to document everything and take those food and exercise journals to your dr. and your nutritionist, and get their input on what your results mean on your HEALTH, not on your weight. By this, I mean, your bigger concern is not that you're making these changes and you're not losing weight... but that you're making these changes and still you're seeing unimproved or worsened numbers in your blood work. That is a huge concern. Strive to correct the problems you're seeing in your blood work, and I'd be willing to bet that the weight will fall off as a result of those efforts. 1200 is definately too low. That is what they recommended to me as a minimum caloric intake when I was 316 pounds and had a hiatal (sp?) hernia that was pushing stomach contents out my nose. It is the minimum recommended daily caloric intake that nutritionists recommend. If you start out that low, how are you going to safely bring it down any further when you hit plataeus and need to step up your game? Is 1200 calories a day sustainable for you for life? If the answer is no, then it should not be your diet now.

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2/1/12 2:26 P

I would encourage you to see a Registered Dietitian. Hypothyroidism is tricky and could be part of the problem. Did your doctor ask to see your food logs? If not then he is making a poor assumption that you are eating too many carbs because simple carbs can contribute to high triglycerides. But it takes time for good dietary habits to impact your bloodwork. I would see a Dietitian and get a second doctor's opinion on your medical condition. Is your doctor an endocrinologist? If not that might be another opinion you may want to seek.

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2/1/12 1:13 P

Are you sure you're eating enough? I went from 220 to 190 eating about 2000 calories per day. Are you logging your calories on Spark or someplace else? Your food tracker is not filled in here.

One thing that really helped me lose weight and inches is strength training. I lift heavy weights with low reps.

JENMC14 Posts: 2,786
2/1/12 11:16 A

It's only been a month, give it some time. Also, maybe try to eat a bit higher in your calorie range set by SP. You may be eating enough to fuel your body, as has laready been said. Hang in there. Persistence and patience are key on this journey!

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2/1/12 11:10 A


Don't freak out ! This happens all the time. It's true. Men do lose faster than women. It's because men carry more lean muscle. Muscle burns fat and the more lean muscle a person carries, the more efficient their body will be at burning fat.

It's also true that hyperthyroidism will make your losses much slower. So, don't assume you're doing something wrong. Even though the scale isn't moving, that doesn't mean you're not making any changes. Do you seem to have a bit more energy ? Do your clothes seem to fit better ? Can you walk a mile faster today than you could a month ago ? How's your blood pressure ? Do you know that if your blood pressure has come down, your doctor would be thrilled even if you didn't lose any weight. Lowering your blood pressure is a huge sign of success !!

As far as the carbs, you might have your doctor clarify exactly what they meant because carbs are not the enemy. Our bodies need carbohydrates to function properly. It's possible your doctor may have wanted you to decrease any treats you eat. Because fresh fruit and veggies are loaded with carbohydrates. So, I don't understand why they'd want you to eat less of those. Whole wheat bread is loaded with heart healthy carbs too. Talk to your doctor for clarification. Unfortunately, some people just assume all carbs must be bad. That is a misconception. If you're eating plenty of fresh fruit and veggies and whole grains, that's the way to go.

You don't want to eat less. Eating too little and exercising too much can hinder a person's weight loss. You just need to be more patient. While a safe weekly weight loss would be 1-2 pounds per week, someone with hyperthyroidism will see a smaller loss. So, don't assume something is wrong because you aren't losing as fast as you'd like. Think about all the good things that are happening to your body that you can't see. If you continue to eat right and get some regular exercise, you will see improvements in your cholesterol, blood sugar, tris, etc...

Hang in there ! Patience, it's a virtue.

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2/1/12 11:05 A


I see you have your food tracker shared, but when I went to take a look to see if I could help guide you, I do not see that you are tracking your nutrition here on SparkPeople.

The reason I ask is 1200 calories is the least number of calories any woman should consume and that is generally reserved for those individuals who are very sedentary. Remember food is fuel for your body. If your body is not getting enough fuel, it will resort to conserving the calories you are eating which can slow your progress.

Coach Nancy

BEEKABOO43 Posts: 19
2/1/12 10:50 A

My husband and I both started trying to eat better last month. I cook extremely healthy foods and generally eat lean proteins, TONS of vegetables and a few whole grains each day. Usually I'll have some fruit with my breakfast. I've been logging everything I've eaten since Jan 2 on myfitnesspal and have been keeping to 1200 calories a day. Last week, I started running at the gym and doing some mild strength training (abs and arms on very light weights). My husband has lost 23 lbs in a month. I have not lost a single pound.
I have hypothyroidism, so I thought maybe I needed my dosage changed and I went to the doctor and had bloodwork done last week. Last night, I got my lab results back in the mail and my thyroid is normal but my liver enzymes are a little high and my triglycerides(bad cholesterol) are high and my HDL(good cholesterol) is low.

I am only 24 and I am just feeling so frustrated and discouraged. I don't think I could possibly be eating any healthier than I am and have never had a cholesterol problem in my entire life. The worst part was that my doctor wrote next to the cholesterol results on the sheet "decrease carbs". I'm barely eating carbs!!! I just don't know what to do. I want to lose a good amount of weight and get healthy before we try to have kids and I feel like everything is standing in my way. I don't think it would be safe for me to eat any less than I'm eating. As for my workout, I've been trying to acclimate myself to running so I'll do a repetition of walking 4 minutes at 3.5 mph and jogging 2 minutes at 5 mph for about 40 minutes, and sometimes I'll do the elliptical instead.

Anyone have any ideas on why I'm not losing/why my body is freaking out?!?!

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