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8/8/13 12:50 P

I have not taken Skinny Fibre but I do take PGX with Whey Protein supplement. However what I have found from being in a medical weight loss program, they have advised me to get at least 30 g of fibre a day. Any of the fibre supplements only give you a few grams. I've found that the PGX is the same idea that it gels up in your digestive track and helps you to feel full and move things along. But it really does not add much to get to the 30+ grams of fibre a day. I find eating high protein at the beginning of the day helps me with the feeling full through out the day. I am perimenopausal and "enjoy" simillar challenges with respect to slowing metabolism. I am also on about a 1100 to 1300 calorie a day eating plan. This is all monitored by a doctor so before other peeps get on my case about "starvation mode" I am well monitored and this is what it takes for me with my slow metabolism to lose weight. Now I have found that getting 30 g of fibre a day is pretty hard while keeping in my calorie and other nutrient ranges. I get about 600 g of vegies and fruit a day so but that only accounts for maybe half of my fibre sources. I have found that to get above the 30 g of fibre range I have to be very choosy about fibre sources that are not carb intensive. For this I have learned to use oat bran and chia seeds (sometimes flax seeds) to get me up over the 30 g mark. I usually mix about 15 g of chia seeds and 25 g of oat bran, to a serving of raspberries and some cottage cheese and that gets me up there!!! I think getting a lot of fibre is useful for us hormonally challenged folks, but you are not going to get the significant amounts of fibre need by a supplement. Not knowing anything about skinny fibre, but it sounds like there is other stuff mixed in with it to make you lose weight and it seems like a "magic" pill, or a gimick and I would not waste my money. Particularly when you can take something like metamucil or pgx which is way cheaper and get fibre from foods that actually provide other nutrients.

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8/8/13 11:30 A

every decade birthday my metabolism slowed exponentially and then came menopause. ugh. my metabolism seemed to stop all together.
my first suggestion is to speak with your doctor.
i have been a long distance runner for many years now and my metabolism slowly.......and i mean very very slowly........returned to a tolerable rate..........still not as quick as before menopause.........but at least i can eat food again........

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8/8/13 11:24 A

Be aware that you MUST NOT take Skinny Fiber or any other glucomannan pill if you take ANY other medications. It interferes with pretty much any other substance taken by mouth, and since the amount of ingredients in supplements isn't monitored or standardized, it's impossible to adjust your other medications to compensate. When you're taking supplements, one pill might have ten times as much of an ingredient as another pill in the same bottle. You can't just take more of your medications, because there's no way to know how much more you would need. Skinny Fiber also has cha de bugre (cafe do mato), which is high in caffeine and which is often adulterated with amphetamines and other drugs before the supplement makers buy it. (That way they can claim they didn't know.) The main problem with caffeine-containing supplements is that you never know how much caffeine you're getting, and it will vary from one bottle to another or even from one pill to another in the same bottle.

Probably the biggest danger is to your pocketbook. Skinny Fiber is an "affiliate" sales structure, which means they don't really make money by making a product and selling it. They make money by charging people to sell the product for them. It also means that if the "affiliate" you buy from lies about the ingredients or effects of the product, the company can claim it was just that one rogue affiliate and they as a company didn't lie (even though they teach affiliates to say exactly those things.) You also have to worry about what's being done with your credit card info. As a general rule, if you're going to buy a diet supplement, it's MUCH safer to buy one sold in retail stores, so you can easily quit if you don't like it and so you aren't giving your credit card and mailing address to a questionable company.

There's nothing in those pills that you can't get less expensively, more safely, and with greater benefits just by eating more fruits and vegetables. The main ingredient, glucomannan, can cause intestinal blockage when taken in pill form; you'd be better off eating konjac noodles if you want that. (The noodles are extremely low in calories.) The "enzymes" are all things that are normally found in vegetables and fruit, and enzymes pretty much *only* work when they're part of food. Then, you only need a little; extra enzymes don't do any good-- enzymes are sort of there or not; the amount doesn't matter. If you're already eating 5 different fruits and veggies per day, the enzymes in the pill are a waste. If you're NOT already eating 5 different fruits and veggies per day, then starting to do that will do you much more good than any pill.

Skinny Fiber is probably less dangerous than a lot of other "diet supplements." There's not a huge likelihood that it will actually harm you. But there's even less likelihood that it will help, so why take the risk?

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8/8/13 10:50 A

Jeannie - you have to ask yourself what's going to happen when you stop taking it. Has (insert whatever is causing your inability to lose weight) disappeared by taking these pills? My guess would be no.

If you're menopausal and are truly "doing everything right", I think a trip to the doctor is in order. Have them do blood work and check your thyroid function. Talk to your doc about it, and get his/her opinion and input on the pills. See if you can get a session with a registered dietician and show them your tracking logs--they might have some ideas you've never thought of.

What do you means by "assist with bodily flows"? If you're constipated, more fiber (from food) and water would be the easiest remedy to try. Are your trackers public? If so, some folks could take a look and maybe give some suggestions.

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8/8/13 10:41 A

To clarify my post, I did not imply criticism of OP, was just replying to topic on Skinny Fiber.

Lol, also am SO totally past menopause and loving my age.

And have actually taken fiber capsules a long time ago, had forgotten. It was long before my weight problem started and I made the capsules from fiber powder of some kind bought in the health food store back then. They also sold empty capsules for people to make their own supplements. The health food store I live near still sells those empty capsules.

It is kind of endearing and reminds me of the 1970s.

I only made the fiber capsules once because I think I thought it just sounded healthy. I made about 10 and got bored with that idea.

I thought it was kind of a flower child thing to do. I don't remember if the capsules made me feel better or not.

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8/8/13 10:08 A

Yeah, I'm not looking for a magic pill or rapid weight loss. I DO eat right. I count my calories and make good choices. My carbs are already very low, but not gone. I go to the gym 3-4 times a week and off days I do workout videos. So you're all talking to someone who is doing everything right. The losses are very slow. I was only considering this (not for hunger control, b/c I eat just enough already and feel fine) to assist in bodily flows. I eat plenty of veggies and even a fiber bar a few times a week. This is why I want to hear from someone who used or uses it. Thanks to the poster who tried something similar. I don't want to feel bloated and thats a negative to me. This is just something I was looking at, not ready to drop cash on. Thanks to all :)

Some of you (women) will understand better when you reach menopause ;)

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8/8/13 9:26 A

There are no magic pills and personally I'd rather get extra fiber from food if I needed it. It is cheaper.

SHERYLDS Posts: 17,314
8/8/13 8:13 A

Don't buy into magic pill're too smart for that

Get your fiber from eating more veggies (salads, and raw and cooked veggies)
and give up more starch carbs.

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8/8/13 5:11 A

Many, many years ago my parents had me taking those pills. They weren't called skinny fiber, they were just fiber pills in a gel capsule. I did lose some weight, it definitely made me feel full, sometimes unpleasantly, I had to drink a lot of water. I didn't have any adverse effects that I can remember.

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8/8/13 3:27 A

I have not heard of these but to be unless a doctor yes yes I would not take anything that is advertised as being super this or loose "whatever over x many month"
Check them out with your doctor

EOWYN2424 Posts: 9,108
8/8/13 2:52 A

I think those pills still go against the principles of SP. I you don't eat or eat way less, the body will break down your muscles. And when you start your normal eating habits, what comes back is more fat. And you really don't want that. It's better to eat enough and exercise.

JEANNIELOUISE64 SparkPoints: (1,273)
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8/8/13 1:47 A

Hi y'all,
I've been reading about skinny fiber. Before anyone jumps on me and says just count your calories, go to the gym, etc, I do ALL that and more. Ever since I hit menopause 3 years ago, I can't lose no matter how perfect I am. Prior I could drop weight by behaving in no time. Without getting into the story of my life, and all my efforts, I came across this product and can see the benifits of it. Kinda reminds me of a product from the 70s that expanded in your stomach. So you take these pills with a bottle of water twice a day. It expands, and makes you feel satisfied and curbs hunger. Some of the benefits include high fiber in your diet (yeah I know its in food too and I could eat that, but its not the same affect the pills provide) So anyway, I'm curious if anyone here is taking it and what your results are. Pro's and Con's. All are welcome to put in their two-cents, but my main interest is in those who use it.

FTR I can maintain my weight just fine. But I'm tired of maintaining 30lbs extra. If I don't stay on my health plan, I gain weight rapidly. So I am pretty sure if I could get the extra off, I could maintain my new weight if I could just get there.

Thanks for all the forthcoming replies :) I'm open to all views....

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