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SHOES! Another running question

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2/18/13 2:37 P

No one else addressed the shoe-tying problem, but you're not alone! If you look up different ways to tie your shoes, you'll find that you can eliminate the untying problem. Google "Runner's knot" - there's a bunch of varieties that can help. :) Try them all! I found the perfect one for me shoe.

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2/17/13 3:34 P

But I do want to add that shoes are not the only cause for injury ax the causes are many.
Coach Nancy

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2/17/13 3:19 P

Quality running shoes are going to sound cheap in comparison to the medical bills (and pain) you may face if you are not in the right shoe for your unique body and running style. As others have mentioned, once you know what brand fits and feels comfortable for you, you can shop around a bit.

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2/17/13 2:49 P

I also recommend going to a running store. I just went to my local store today. I got a proper fitting and learned that my ankle collapses. I now have a proper fitting shoe for that specific problem. I spent $120 which isn't too bad. They also have a great return policy. I have two weeks to try the shoe. If it doesn't work I can return it for an exchange or store credit.

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2/17/13 1:40 P

One thing I will add is that many specialty running stores have a pretty liberal return/exchange policy (just be sure to ask) so that if you find out after the first few weeks the shoes are not feeling good to you, you may be able to exchange them for another model.

Coach Nancy

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2/17/13 12:53 P

I bit the bullet and bought a well-fitted pair along with a FABULOUS set of inserts for my high arches. I definitely could have found them somewhere else for cheaper, but after going to the running store, I can now be more informed and buy the right shoe somewhere else when these wear out.

A good running store will analyze your gait and determine your pronation and what type of strike you have and that in turn will help them figure out the best shoe for you.

Good luck!

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2/17/13 11:53 A

I typically try on shoes in stores to see which ones have the right fit then find them online for cheaper

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2/16/13 10:43 P

with careful shopping, I have sometimes been able to get the previous models on clearance.

However, as Nancy said, shoes are important. My current fave shoe are $180 before taxes, and when I am in need of a new pair and can't find a sale, I do not hesitate at paying full price and tightening up somewhere else.

And I also agree that good running shoes rarely come untied. Another one of my current pairs ties so tightly that I often have trouble getting them off. If you get a pair with laces not to your liking, you can purchase aftermarket laces that are supposed to stay tied better.

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2/16/13 10:40 P

While running shoes may seems expensive, they are truly the only 'real' equipment a runner needs--and someone who found out what the wearing the wrong shoe can do (6 months rehabbing a calf/foot issue), I can attest they are well worth every penny.

That being said, the spring models are now coming out so running stores are looking to sell the fall models and many times at a steep discount. And be up front with your sales person at the running specialty store--they may offer you a discount--this is a great PR move on their part to keep you coming back.

As for laces coming a 7 year runner it has only happened to me a 1/2 dozen time--the reason, the laces are not the typical laces that can come untied. Although there are some pull laces called yankz that you may want to check into.

Coach Nancy

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2/16/13 10:19 P

Best bet is running store, find out what works for you, after that you can buy via outlet or something where you can find 'last years model' for cheaper.
I like Nike Pegasus, which is one of the lesser expensive models. Depends on your foot.

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2/16/13 10:08 P


Ok so I just looked up some running stores and WOW the shoes are so expensive! Guys seriously now, I know I need to take care of my feet and maybe I'm a bit new at this, but is there no way I can get something of good quality without pulling out a Benjamin Franklin???

Posts: 1,193
2/16/13 10:01 P

Go to a specialty running store and get fitted for sneakers.

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2/16/13 9:49 P

Please tell me where to get the best (and hopefully not too expensive) running shoes. I know this sounds petty, but are there any good running shoes without laces? I'm often in a hurry and hate stopping to double knot my laces which still come apart when I'm running anyway (no idea why I have such trouble with this- it's such a pain to stop in the middle of working out and tie my shoes!)

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