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7/28/13 7:36 P

Ok tomorrow I'm going to try to start to break some bad habit. Going to start out with cutting out diet cokes, week 1I will see how this goes.

7/15/13 6:16 P

Thank you Jibbie49.

JIBBIE49 Posts: 68,930
7/15/13 6:36 A

Glad you are NOT telling your family. I know how negative they can be. You can get off 105#, so just stay with it and DON'T QUIT. Do this for YOU and no one else. Do this for your health.

7/14/13 11:13 P

Tomorrow will start my getting fit and healthy. I once lost weight by walking and watching what I eat and that's all that has worked for me in the past. I'm not going to say anything to my family or friends for a while, because I don't want to hear them say "Oh not again, or you can't do this" or the ones that don't say anything but you can see it on their face. For right now i will keep it to myself except for on here where I can get the support and not be judge or at least feel like I'm being judge.
Tomorrow will start my vacation. I figure that will be a good time to start, I can start my walking back up, going to take it one day, baby steps.

My starting weight is 227lbs.

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