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7/27/11 8:29 P

My gosh Sherry! What an awesome Bible verse you have chosen to go with your signature. To me it describes how personal our God is . . . keep going forward . . . I know it can be so DIFFICULT on our weight loss journey being a single mother and working a full-time job. You feel so stretched out.

I went through that for about seven years . . . and at times I did not know what to do; but God was faithful to me.

Much hugs!

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7/19/11 10:27 P

Thank ya'll. I'm going to need it more than ever, got to lose it.

7/18/11 10:28 P

You'll get there! 3 pounds is awesome, but I know us giving you these praises probably won't make much of a difference until you really feel it in yourself. Stay positive and if you mess up (like I always do) just brush it off and keep going. :)

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7/18/11 5:43 P

Let us know how the Wii exercise goes. Even after buying Wii Fit, I still hardly use it :/

Work hard!!!

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7/18/11 9:38 A

Thank you MISSLADY you have a great.

I think I will start exercising on the Wii this week because it's so hot outside.

PURRRPY Posts: 492
7/18/11 9:38 A

You are doing great - you never gave up. 3lbs last week was a great number and sometimes when the scale stays the same I look at success in other ways. I exercise 3-4 times this week. I ate healthier, I can bend over and tie my shoes easier. I feel better about myself.

Remember life is a process not an outcome - like you said this is a lifestyle not a DIE-T. All of us have good and not so good days. But as long as we are moving forward we don't have BAD days.


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7/17/11 12:18 P

Have a great week!!!

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7/16/11 12:51 P

Your journal caught my eye because I'm in the 100 pound club too. For a long time I thought in terms of just 20 and then 20 more. But having a goal that just 'floated' instead of a hard and fast number didn't work for me. My diet 'floated' too. I lost 35 pounds last year and then last fall the weight just quite coming off. I lost in spurts of 10, then nothing for a while, then a few more, then nothing. The last spurt was 16 pounds and that was a year ago.

I find that now having such a large goal...65 more pounds...keeps me going. An odd bit of psychology I think but whatever works.

Also, I sit down in the morning and track out all my food for the day, snacks included. That way I use what I have on hand and get prep work done (fresh veggies) ahead of time. I find it easy to make all the decisions at once, in the morning when I'm fresh and motivated and then just refer to the list when I want something to eat.

Good luck to you and to me. God bless.

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7/16/11 10:03 A

Still doing ok. Didn't get much exercise this week but my eating I did ok, I guess. I'm going to weigh in tomorrow hopefully I will lose some but don't know. Well I' m off to do yard work, Be back later.

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7/12/11 12:23 P

Stupid snickers bar!! :O) But todays a new day! “Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.” :O) I am looking for friends so please add me. Maybe we can encourage one another. I am just getting back to trying be heathly and could use all the support i can get! emoticon

JIBBIE49 Posts: 72,038
7/11/11 10:46 P


7/11/11 8:35 P

Sherry a 3 lb loss is great!!!!! I am the same way gun ho in the beginning and peter out as the weeks wear on I am also going slow and steady too I just want to make sure I stick it this new way of life have to keep reminding myself I didn't get this big in just a few weeks =)

keep up the good work!

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7/9/11 7:15 P

Went swimming last night for a hour. Lost about 3 pounds this week. I hope next week I can lose some more.

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7/5/11 6:30 P

Going to ride my exercise bike later about 30 minutes, Had a good day except for the big size snicker candybar I ate today.

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7/4/11 8:46 P

Good day today. I didn't over eat and got in some exercise. I hope I just can keep it up.

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7/4/11 2:01 A

MONDAY 4TH-- pulled my 2 little cousins in a wagon for about 30 minutes.








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7/4/11 1:47 A

Well here I go again but this time fatter aand heavier than ever, WOW how did I do this, Oh yeah I remember I stopped exercising and eating everything in sight. Got to get back o track and stay there. So this time I'm going to start out slow, I think that would work better for my a little at a time instead of full steam ahead. When I do that I give up. Slow and steady from here on out.
My plan is to eat healthies cut back on sweets an coke and diet cokes. Eat out less. Drink more water.
My exercise plan is to walk, weights, exercise bike and play the Wii with my daughter.

I have these bracelets I wear one that says Do I Eat This and the other is W.W. J. D. I'm going to look at these when I want to eat some junk food and think before I do, this will help me. Also stop thinking of this as a diet and more like a lifestyle change cause this is something I can do the rest of my life.
I'm going to try and post on here daily on how I'm doing. Going to tell it like it is journal.

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