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4/23/14 3:17 P

ok, thought I posted this in the original, but where I live there's no hwere safe to walk or run, especially with a stroller. I kind of live in BFE, but it's a busy road and curvy, fast drivers coming around the corners all the time. I've tried to exercise like Turbo Fire or Jillian Michael dvds and ithe baby doesn't seem to care for it. 1/2 way through she'll get upset or mad.

that's why , I'm asking if there are things you do besides "formal" exercise. she's teething so I need all the night time rest I can before my other one wakes up early for school.

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4/23/14 11:35 A

Now that it's nicer outside, take a walk and put little one in stroller they will LOVE it.


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4/22/14 10:48 P

Honestly, my best advice is to train him/her to be okay while you exercise. Whether it's in the pack& play or an exersaucer-type thing, you keep trying until they are used to it. The same way you need to train them to sleep at night, eat on a (basic) schedule, etc. They will learn that it's part of what we do, and he/she might even start to love watching mommy "dance". Your next best bet is to find a gym with good childcare, but that may take some "training" as well.

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4/22/14 10:12 P

I've never considered playing with my kid to be formal exercise. For example, today my son rode his bike around the neighbourhood while I walked behind, probably about 1-2kms.. my formal exercise happens before everyone else wakes up.

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4/22/14 4:08 P

Ok, the baby crawls, but besides cleaning when you need to clean and playing with the baby, what do you do to get exercise in if the baby doesn't like you exercising or dancing? LOL. please help! trying t ostay on my feet all day. every day to hopefully burn extra calories.

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