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CLSMITH08 Posts: 12
8/22/11 12:28 P

Thanks Michael! I backtracked on the program during the last week and a half and then realized my next 5k is right around the corner so I went last night, did my cardio this morning and will do the elliptical tomorrow at the gym while hubby plays vball. The girls want to do a half marathon in NY next march so now, that's my ultimate goal for the next 6 mths.

I agree, that's one of the things that I love about the C25K program is that you can go back and re-run a day or extend a "week" if you feel that you're not strong enough to advance yet.

Good luck with your training!!!

8/11/11 5:30 P

I completed c25k in the past and it worked great. Then I quit running and I'm starting over now. I just finished week 5.

You can do this. The weather won't stay hot forever, it just seems like it. You've got good goals and a good plan. It's hard to always get your rest with a new baby in the house, just do the best you can.

Something that really helped me was to ignore the time table. It's an 8 (or 9 or something?) week program, but it's okay if you don't finish it right on the button. I have had to repeat a run or take an extra rest day here and there and I don't think anything of it. I'll finish it when I finish it and my body will let me know when that's going to be.

Best wishes to you,

CLSMITH08 Posts: 12
8/11/11 12:25 A

I am a proud new mommy to the most precious 5 month old there ever was and a stay at home mom. I was a retail manager and since I haven't been working I have realized that the baby weight is not coming off as I had expected. Seeing as how we're trying to keep our expenses down, I chose running to help and looked into the Couch to 5K program. My sister did the program in college and swore by it. I am on week 4 day 2 tomorrow.

I did my first 5k last month with a combination of jogging/walking. My goal was 45 min and I finished in 45:32 so I was happy with that. The next one is the 9/11 Heroes run and I am really looking forward to it. Not only is that my birthday but it's also the 10th anniversary of 9/11. I look forward to showing my support.

I attempt to get up at 545 and be out the door by 6 am to jog but I think my major challenge is going to bed by 10. I pretty much require at least 8 hours of sleep and it gets too hot here to go any other time of day. If I wait for the evening I oftentimes eat too late and then don't have enough time for the food to settle before it gets dark. I am working on being consistent with this. My goal is to run every other day and do some kind of inside exercise on the days I don't run.

I look forward to using the Sparkpeople site to help hold me accountable :)

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