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You sound like a really good and conscientious mommy. I have been so down on my body lately yet I do my best to give my little guy (who is 18 months old) healthy food. I speak respectfully of others and will teach him to do the same. Recently I realized that I have been avoiding having my pictures taken with him....I guess I'm so ashamed of my weight right now but then I got to thinking that it isn't right to deprive my son of pictures with his mommy. Also something funny about my boy is that my husband and I are both introverts but our son thus far seems to be quite the extrovert. When we walk into a crowded room with him, he starts waving and loudly greeting people with a kind of pre-verbal "HEEEEEEY". He also looooooves my tummy (which I do not like). He smiles and giggles at it, pats it, and blows razberries on it. Once he actually blew a "razzer" as my hubby and I call it on my tummy in public. LOL. His pure love for my tummy (which I in contrast do not love) has caused me to think about my body differently and to kind of change my goal to a kinder one which is to love my body right now and take good care of it so that I can be healthy for the future. I don't know if that helps at all but I also just wanted to give you hugs and tell you I understand.

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Your daughter will start noticing your weight and comparing it to other people. Young children are learning to see differences and similarities, categorize, and define. In a year or two she may even say or ask if you or someone else is fat. Talk to her about it and about how people look different for many reasons, etc, the same way you would handle a race, religion, of physical ability discussion.
I don't think you have to worry about her being embarrassed until she is a pre-teen and there is nothing you can do to stop the embarrassment then, your mere existence is enough (I was a middle school teacher and they are seriously embarrassed by everything about a parent- too fat, too thin, works out too much, dyes her hair, doesn't dye her hair, wear OMG MOM jeans, doesn't wear mom jeans and dresses too young, you name it some kid is embarrassed by it). Don't worry about that one, I was mortified that my mother would talk to people.
You can continue to set a good example. Exercise with her, play with her, encourage her in athletic opportunities as she gets older. Think about what she needs to be eating and eat it yourself. Focus on finding ways to get the minimum veggie servings in and work from there. I talk to my kids about nutrition and how veggies are so very important. Meat and carbs are important, too, but we need less of that than veggies. So we figure out ways that they will eat veggies. They like raw carrots, frozen peas (have to still be frozen), spinach tortellini, zucchini muffins (whole wheat, low sugar, lots of zucchini and apple sauce instead of the fat). We are working on it and trying to expand their menu. I can sneak veggies into sauces and smoothies, too, but I want them to know they are eating and liking the vegetable.
It will be fine. You are conscious of it, working on it, and it will all be fine.

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Hey I'm a stay at home mom of a two year old. I want to set a good example for her without giving her a complex about weight. She is in no way overweight but I try to keep my dieting quiet. I also keep a very close eye on the way I describe myself and the way I explain myself. I always have healthy options for her, but there are times where the only thing she will eat is chicken nuggets or french fries. I look up healthy options for the foods she loves and I put more thought into the way she eats than I ever have for me. I want her to have a better life than I did. That being said, I don't want her to be embarrassed of her mom either. I just feel like there is a timer over my head and when it hits zero she is going to know that I'm fat and ask me about it. I feel like this is my last chance to set a good example or any weight issues she has in her future will forever leave a black mark on my conscience, Like I could have done something different to prepare her for life. Does anyone else have this fear too? Does anyone have any advise for a stressed out mom?

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