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4/2/11 9:02 P

It is hard to find a rye bread made with 100% whole rye flour. The type I use is a blend of just regular flour and rye flour. SO:

white bread = 1 gram fiber
rye bread = 2 grams fiber
whole wheat breat = 3 grams fiber

Dietitian Becky

NIRERIN Posts: 14,249
4/2/11 5:44 P

i go by ingredient lists, not stickers that companies have to pay to use. if your bread is using whole grains and not enriching and you like it, use it. as with any bread, reading the label is going to get you farther than just what kind of bread it is. plenty of wheat breads are just as good for you as white, as they are all from wheat at some point back down the line. basic googling shows the top recipes for rye are mostly unbleached flour in the first place. so they would be just on par with white bread or plain wheat bread. in other words, not as good as 100% whole grain wheat bread. it's all about what is or is not in it.

AARONSGIRL420 Posts: 390
4/2/11 5:32 P

I believe rye to be healthier because i believe it to be less processed.

White bread is wheat that has been stripped of its outer layers and appears white. That is why both white and wheat breads are sweet. They are the same grain.

You could probably bake a sweeter rye bread that would be suitable for peanut butter (if you were so inspired). I could direct you to a few if you were interested (I am not sure if posting links to an outside recipe site is a terms of use violation so I will not).

BECCABABY99 Posts: 63
4/2/11 5:24 P

I have heard rye was good for you, but I'm not sure if I received that info from a reliable source. I would love to know the answer to this one myself. Anyone?

4/2/11 12:27 P

So, recently one of my go-to foods has been rye bread. I really like the flavor of it! Of course, it works good for some things like maybe an egg/cheese sandwich or a tuna sandwich (how I've used it thus far). It doesn't work good for somethings like peanut butter, which would be completely yucky on rye bread.

Wheat bread always seems to get the "heart healthy" stickers, but what about rye bread? From what I'm finding, it's whole grain, higher in fiber, and not composed of mostly sugar like white bread.

Does anybody know anything more about rye vs. wheat?

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