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11/17/12 9:35 A

How'd you get started?
I was walking for awhile and then decided I wanted to test myself. I ran a little in high school though I confess it was only to drop weight quickly to fit back into the prom dress that had fit months prior. Except this time I wanted to see if I could run to run and see what I could do with it.

Do you do it outside or on a treadmill? Both?
Outside. I dread dread dread treadmills. If I don't feel like running some days (which I don't) it's way more of an incentive to keep going once you are far away from home/car etc. With the treadmill, I don't feel like I'm doing anything (and I can walk away and return to routine too easily.)

Did you have to overcome a fear of being seen running public?
I run very rural roads so that never came up until I ran for a little while using the track at the local Y. It was a little disconcerting at first but I knew that I was running for me and no one else.

Got big boobs? What'd you do to keep yourself from getting a black eye?
I second the suggestion about TJ Maxx though to try to find one of the higher quality bras for cheaper. And I'll say something weirder - you might want to wait to run (stick with walking) until you do have a good sports bra. I used Walmart versions for years until I had the room to go ahead and buy two good ones (about $50 a piece). I rotate and have used them for a year now and they are like brand new every time I put them on. It's crazy. I (like you was like "well that's nice but the money is not there") am AMAZED at the difference it has made in my enjoyment of running and being able to get out there and do it. Hope if you pursue you find something that works for you.

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11/17/12 7:56 A

At first, I began running because it was the most efficient exercise you could do in order to burn the most calories in the least amount of time, and I really wanted to lose some body fat. I started with an 8-week Couch-to-5K program, which was pretty difficult for me since I was extremely out of shape. But once I'd made it through the program, I could easily run 3 miles at a comfortable pace, and from there I began to use Hal Hidgon's training programs (which I modified to suit my personal needs and goals) to train for longer races.

In the warmer months, I run almost exclusively outside, either around my neighborhood for shorter runs or on a variety of trails and greenways in various parts of my city for my longer runs. In the colder months, I run all my short runs on the treadmill and for my long runs, I just suck it up, bundle up, and go out to the trails. I'd rather have something beautiful to look at if I'm going to be out for two to four hours than go crazy staring at weight machines in my gym.

Initially, I did have a fear of being seen running in public. When I first began running, I was extremely self-conscious of my body, I felt like I was fat and awkward, and I just knew everyone would laugh at me when they saw that I couldn't even run for two minutes straight. It's just something you have to decide isn't as important as is gaining your health and getting the body you know you can have. And as it was, none of those things turned out to be real outside my own mind. Everyone I came across on my runs either didn't pay attention to me whatsoever or actually gave me gestures of encouragement or respect.

What little boobs I did have at my highest weight are virtually nonexistent now that I am lean. I wear the most minimalist sports bras I can find and never have any problem. I have some sports bras from Walmart and Target, and I actually prefer them over the ones I've gotten from sportswear or running stores, but I prefer them for the exact opposite reason than you need: because they are super light and don't make my chest feel compressed. But I am sure they have some decent options for the kind of bra you need; they just may not be quite as good as you would find elsewhere. But keep in mind that if you spend a little money on a sports bra you can't wear, then you have still lost that money.

Good luck running; it's been one of the most satisfying and self-affirming pursuits I have done in a very long time. I know that many other people have said the same.

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11/17/12 7:42 A

oh, I read your OP more closely.

Save up for a good bra. Ask for one for Christmas.

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1. Start with building a solid base of walking. You should be able to comfortably walk 3 miles at brisk pace before transitioning to running. This helps start adjust your leg muscles and tendons to the impact of running.

2. The interval approach is definitely the way to go, rather than running continuously. I'd strongly recommend a Couch to 5K program, such as

3. Keep your running pace down at this stage.

Personally, I prefer to run outside. The treadmill is just so ... boring. But a treadmill can help keep your running program on track in inclement weather.

You wouldn't be the first person to feel self-conscious about exercising in public. Personally, when I am feeling self-conscious about exercising, I keep repeating to myself "Yes, but at least I am doing something about it".


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11/17/12 7:20 A

How'd you get started?
- I wanted to keep up with my coworkers because I was the one who had to beg for a walk break, and I lost a client because I didn't know anything about running.

Do you do it outside or on a treadmill? Both?
- Mostly outside.

Did you have to overcome a fear of being seen running public?
- no

Got big boobs? What'd you do to keep yourself from getting a black eye?
- I have nonexistent boobs, but you shouldn't need to double up on bras. There are very good sports bras that hold everything in place. But they are not cheap. I have a friend with double G boobs, and she runs (without wearing multiple bras or black eyes)

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Hey Holly,

I like Malasil's advice of having a solid walking program in place before beginning a running program. What this does is, it allows us to develop a consistent exercise routine while building a strong cardio base so that when we do begin running we are not over-stressing the body too quickly which can lead to an injury. Once you have a solid walking program of 6 weeks under your belt, then you can check into one of the many beginner running programs out there.

You can run on a treadmill or the road which ever you prefer. As far as a sports bra, while they are expensive after running shoes, your sports bra is important. Check Target and Walmart just remember having proper support when running will help with your running form.

I hope this helps!

Coach nancy

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11/17/12 12:45 A

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11/16/12 11:49 P

I started by walking, then walk/jog intervals from one streetlight to the next, then one block, then several blocks, so on and so on. You'll be surprised how quickly your body responds to running faster or longer. I can't speak to the problem with the bra, but as for people seeing you...I worried about people seeing me STOP running. I thought they would think I was out of shape (which I was). But then I realized...nobody is watching. People are way to self-absorbed to think much about a person running or walking on the side of the road. Get out there and enjoy yourself. You will be so glad you did!

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11/16/12 11:46 P

I got started by adding jogging intervals when I was walking on the treadmill. At the same time, I also was walking my dog outside. Once I got to the point that I could jog 10 minutes straight on the treadmill, I started jogging intervals on my outside walks, and built up from there. I didn't follow the Couch to 5K program, but it's a good place to start if you prefer having a specific plan.

I didn't really have fear of being seen running public. At first it was a little embarrassing to slow down from a jog to a walk when a bunch of cars were going by, but I got over that pretty quickly.

I don't have big boobs, so that's not an issue, but you might check out Ross or TJ Maxx or a store like that. I saw the Moving Comfort bras there for $20, and I've gotten some good New Balance sports bras there for $10-15. That can be a good way to get a quality item for a lot cheaper. I think the 2-bra approach is a common solution. I know that many horsewomen rely on it!

11/16/12 11:13 P

How'd you get started?
Do you do it outside or on a treadmill? Both?
Did you have to overcome a fear of being seen running public?
Got big boobs? What'd you do to keep yourself from getting a black eye?

Haha, no, that last question really is serious. It's one of my many problems I seem to have with running. I have rather large breasts that jiggle quite a bit when running or jogging. Wearing two bras seems to cut down on this but it's still not the best option. I know there are sports bras out there...but are the ones at Walmart any good? I can't afford an expensive sports matter how much the "cost is worth it." That little saying isn't going to magically make the money for something insanely expensive just pop into my wallet.

Also....I just need plain old advice about running/jogging. I really do want to start doing it but I seem to have these fears about it. Being seen in public doing it, it's too cold, it's too hot, I don't have the right clothes, etc. Ugh!

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