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10/14/13 9:32 A

Well, admittedly, I bypass it and use the calculator at

I just find it easier to use.

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10/14/13 8:20 A

M@L - Spark's calculator is also ridiculously low for me as well, it estimates about 300-400 calories per hour of running at 9:30/mile.

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10/14/13 3:21 A

All methods have their limitations.

Even heart rate monitors can produce misleading results for those with high blood pressure or some medications.

Online calculators tend to be reasonably accurate for well-studied activities like running, especially as the major factors in intensity (speed and bodyweight) can be fairly objectively measured.

I am surprised that Spark's estimate was so low, unless you were using the mapping based tool, which often gives quite weird calorie results.

In any event, 50 calories here or there is no big deal in nutrition - the body is designed to handle unders and overs like that. It is when your activity level estimate is regularly off by 500 calories that it is more concerning.


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10/14/13 1:41 A

Thanks again for your feedback. I do realize it is an estimate. I program my app with the info needed for the most accurate estimate possible. I try not to get caught up with the numbers. I usually like to base it on how I feel n the progress I make. I was just wondering how far off the apps could be so adjustments can be made if need be. Thank you!

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10/14/13 1:29 A

N33D2LOSE50I: Intermittently, I have checked calorie burn calculators that purport to gauge how many calories a person burns for an activity based on weight, age, gender, height, etc. The bottom line is it comes to educated guestimations. I arrived at the totals I give myself based on an average of on-site calculators, HRM monitor, charts, and exercise module. The bottom line is that it is still guestimation. I tend to choose the "low end" such as for walking and spinning, and pay more intention to calories consumed and my weigh-ins.

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10/14/13 1:18 A

Thank u for your input. Now is there a product or something else out there that is a better guide for me to know how many calories i'm burning based off pace and distance?

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10/14/13 12:41 A

As a rough guide, you can expect to burn about 120-140 calories per mile of running, so both of them seem quite a way off.

I have definitely found that running apps WAY overestimate calories.


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10/13/13 11:32 P

Which tracker for cardio activity do you feel is more reliable and accurate a running app on your phone vs. Sparkpeople activity tracker? The app i use on my phone will say that in a 2.5 mile activity running I burned 426 cals and on SP the activity tracker only says I burned 219 cals. So which one should i depend on so that I can adjust my caloric intake? Thank you!

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