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2/5/14 12:03 P

This is good, thank you.
I was purposely not going too fast because what I've read about beginning is not to try to go too fast until you work up to it. I'm also aware and worried about shin splints, but I know for myself stretching helps, but I sometimes get them just walking briskly.
I'll keep your input in mind next time I'm at the gym.

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2/5/14 11:44 A

If you are scared of falling off, then 1) be aware of yourself and be ready to jump to the side railings at any time if necessary 2) use the emergency clip. That's what it is there for.

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2/5/14 11:19 A

I would pick up the pace. It seems you are walking faster then the speed the treadmill is moving. When I am sticking to close to the front that is when I know I would be better suited upping my speed. It can be difficult to push yourself but its worth it. :)

2/5/14 9:44 A


I've been doing 1 min walk at 3.3 and 3 minutes jog at 4.8.

(I am scared of losing balance and making America's Funnies Videos falling off, so I've stayed close to the front.) I'll hang back until I can get better coordinated and up my speed.

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2/4/14 9:28 P

Yes, move back a bit. Or run a bit faster if that's possible.

2/4/14 7:08 P

Am I the only one who hits my hands on the treadmill when I run?

I am very new to run/walk intervals on the treadmill, and sometimes when running (read beginner slow jog) my knuckles bash the front of the machine. Should I just hang back farther?
Thanks for the input.

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