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5/10/13 12:35 A

My phone for music and runkeeper!

PISCIDS Posts: 503
5/9/13 2:27 P

Gum. I always chew gum when I run. Keeps mouth moist and make me breath thru nose plus burns an few extra calories. Bonus! LOL

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5/8/13 8:26 P

I don't personally have one but I've heard good things about the Nike Fuel Bands. I run in the Nike Air Pegasus+ shoes and they have a the Nike+ chip in them to be used with the fuel bands. I know they are more expensive if you don't have shoes with the Nike+ chip already in them, so you'd have to consider that investment if you don't already run in Nikes.

Also, Old Navy sells great running clothes, believe it or not. They are also very affordable.


5/8/13 7:40 P

I agree with what many others have said, the thing to splurge on is the shoes. The store that I went to had a treadmill set up with a video camera. They made a video of my running before they even started to recommend shoes. I got some Brooks Adrenaline GTS and I love them so much!

I think a Road ID is essential, even if you are not actually on the road. If you have a medical issue and collapse, rescuers need to find your information quickly.

Other than those 2 items, I think many of the other things are nice to have but not entirely essential. I love my cute workout clothes. I love my ipod. I love my great comfy socks. I love my good sports bra, etc. But you can at least get started with good shoes and an ID.

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5/8/13 7:34 P

A moisture wicking hat or visor. I have one and I love it, it keeps sweat from running down my face too much and protects me from the sun.

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5/8/13 5:07 P

I had a problem with dogs a few years ago. Found that for about $4 in Walmarts, you can buy a compressed air boat horn. This is light to carry, but very loud. Tends to stop dogs in their tracks. Makes human threats think twice too.

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5/8/13 11:37 A

Something that hasn't been mentioned that would be useful for summer runs would be bug spray.

EGRAMMY Posts: 13,491
5/7/13 7:45 P

it's the shoes

ALMOM68 Posts: 62,768
5/7/13 1:58 P

I run on trails and sometimes local tracks.

good running shoes, appropriate for trail running or track
good socks and wicking clothing, appropriate for weather
Hat & sunglasses
ipod with clip (goes on my waistband)
camelback water bottle
road id shoe pouch holds my keys (and provides safety id info)
sunscreen (I actually prefer the brands of lotion or moisturizer with sunscreen in them, they seem to soak in better and later don't run everywhere)

Sometimes I run with my heart rate monitor or garmin gps (if on a trail and I'm not sure of the distance). Sometimes I just use my ipod for a stopwatch & clock.

If running on a local track, I like to use pennies to help me keep track of my laps (so, I keep a ziploc bag of pennies in my running bag). Every time I finish a lap, I move a penny from one pile to the other.

Happy Running everyone! emoticon

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5/7/13 12:30 P

just started running and loving it:) i have a I phone and just purchased wireless head phones i absolutely love them :) the where worth every penny. i have the LG ones.. so light and comfortable around the neck and amazing sound:) makes my running less painful lol...

EARTH-ANGEL Posts: 310
5/6/13 8:39 P

A good pair of fitted running shoes, comfortable clothes and some music for the road!

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5/6/13 1:29 P

A STICK! A couple of years ago I decided I didnt need one for an early morning down the road, and got badly bitten by my neighbours german shepherd! Now I always take a folding stick that folds into 4.
Pepper gas for the same reason, tho I have never needed to use it.
2 dogs and their equipment if I jog in the fields round the village.
Fitbit, for distance.
Ipod for timing laps.
Phone if I go off road.

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5/6/13 7:00 A

I just did my first long run that required extra gear. I got a FlipBelt and love it. The only annoying thing about it is it holds my iPhone with minimal bouncing, BUT I use my phone for GPS and need to check my mileage every once in a while. I've found that it's a pain to pull my phone out and put it back in. If you end up using a different way of tracking, it'll be a non-issue. The belt has enough room for gel packs, phone, ID, and keys.

I also got a hand-held Nathan water bottle and really liked it (I prefer holding my liquids as opposed to having it strapped to me).

N16351D Posts: 2,349
5/5/13 4:04 P

I have been running/jogging for 40 years. For the first 30 years my gear amounted to a pair of tennis shoes. I started in Keds, then moved onto Nike when they started their business.
35 years ago I purchased a reflector vest from a contractors store for $3. I still use that for dark mornings in winter.

For the rest it was sweatshirts, sweatpants, and a rain jacket if needed. One great thing about running is that you don't need expensive equipment! You don't need much at all!

Now that I have money, in the last five years I purchased a pair of running pants on sale for $50 (regular about $100), a lightweight, bright colored windbreaker ($45 on sale), and
lights for my arms. I flash like a Christmas tree now!

5/5/13 5:47 A

I keep it pretty simple: I always wear my Nike Free running shoes (best shoes I've ever owned for running) with my Thorlos socks, either a pair of proper running shorts or pants, a sweat-wicking top so I don't get any rubbing (which can hurt a lot after a long run!), sports bra (whatever one you find and love buy like 3 of them at once!) my ipod shuffle (or my iphone if I'm going off road and could get hurt and need to call someone!), my house key tied to my sneaker, my watch and my sunglasses. The less cumbersome you can make your experience the more enjoyable it will be. Of course the longer you run for the more you may need (such as water) and then of course you get into those belts with the little bottles on them. I'm not there yet but maybe someday! Hope that helps a bit!

AGILECAT Posts: 695
5/4/13 1:57 P

I realized I forgot to mention the single most important item of all, for me. Heck, I don't even leave the house without them!

SUNGLASSES! emoticon


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5/4/13 1:49 P

Here's what I need with me on EVERY run:

-My Fitbit Zip (I wear this all the time anyway)
-My watch (I also wear this all the time anyway)
-Keys to get back into my apartment (just the 2 I need; I take them off my regular key lanyard)
-My running shoes
-If I'm wearing exercise shorts/pants with large enough pockets, I bring my cell phone. If it's a pair with too small pockets (or without pockets at all), I leave the cell and bring an emergency info card in case something happens to me. (I am looking into one of those wristbands that you can get your info printed on.)

As for clothes—I'm not into fancy exercise clothes. I wear regular cotton socks and underthings, gym shorts/gym pants/windpants/sweatpants/leggings, and a regular t-shirt/tank top/sweatshirt/windbreaker. (Depends on the weather, of course; will add gloves/hat if it's colder.)

I used to listen to music as I ran on my iPod; now I prefer to go without for safety reasons, and because I now have more interesting routes to look at. :)

I'm a fan of the "simpler = better" approach.

SLIMBOT Posts: 147
5/4/13 2:55 A


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5/3/13 8:08 P

If you have a Best Buy near you, they will price match with Amazon so you can get a really good deal. I got my Polar FT4 there and I love it. :)

DMARTIN302 SparkPoints: (75,498)
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5/3/13 3:29 P

Let me add my support for good, moisture-wicking running clothes and sports bras. It makes a huge difference. As others have mentioned before, Target has good C9 clothes and WalMart carries Danskin brands that are both affordable and comfortable. I also like Old Navy's performance wear, too. Their shirts are comfy and tend to be a bit longer to cover my rear. I have ample thighs and a larger belly, so I prefer the compression-style spandex shorts that completely cover my thighs. I have had no problem with chafing since switching from baggy sweats or running-style shorts. I was embarrassed until my 22 year old son said, "Mom, you're out exercising. You're doing wonderful! OWN IT!" So, if a 22 year old says his mom can wear compression shorts and a tank top (when I really thought I had no business doing so), we all can. Be comfortable (e.g., no chafing and minimal discomfort from sweating) and you'll exercise more. Who cares what anyone thinks?! (And they're probably thinking, "I should be out exercising like her...")

You can also find some good deals on clearance clothing at the specialty shops, too, if you want some of the higher-end brands. I find that the higher-end brands aren't made to fit my, um, "curves," and therefore the fit isn't as comfortable as the cheaper brands made for the masses. I've also found some really good deals at Marshall's and TJ Maxx. They are hit-and-miss, so if you don't find something today, try again next week. They have both generic and high-end brands.

Flavoring for water is another thing I really like, whether they are the drops, powders, or those fizzy tablets (Nuun tri-berry is my favorite because it's not sugary-sweet, but it is pricey compared to others). Why flavoring? If it tastes good, you'll hydrate even more. If it's hot and you're sweating a lot, look into flavors that also replace electrolytes; they're usually labelled as sports drinks.

If you are like me and hadn't updated your sock collection in a few years, get yourself some new socks. As long as they say they'll wick away sweat, the ones at WalMart/Target/Old Navy/Marshall's should be fine. The really fancy ones make a good reward for reaching short term goals, as they're not THAT expensive and they make you feel professional when you pull them on. :) But I don't find fancy socks to be that important for everyday workouts (unless you're really doing long distances!). But those old cotton socks -- yuck. Comfy for kicking around at home, but not for exercising.

I can't tell you how important it was for me to get fitted from a good running/sporting goods store (not a big-box store). They should watch you walk and have you try on a number of pairs of shoes. IT IS SO WORTH IT. Now that I have the right kind of stability shoes with the right kind of arches and laced a bit differently so they don't chafe my heel, MY FEET DON'T HURT! I can now run seemingly forever without my feet hurting. I previously didn't want to walk a few blocks in equally expensive running shoes that just were not right for me. Best $100 I've spent, as now I can run!

Use sunscreen to avoid a sunburn that you'll negatively associate with exercising. A product called Body Glide (looks like a little deodorant stick) can stop chafing. I've used it on my heels, toes, thighs, and even where tags dig into me to keep blisters from forming. Worth its weight in gold while you get your body up to speed.

In short, if you're just starting out, if you are COMFORTABLE, you'll do it again.

Oh, and get a bottle of whatever kind of pain reliever you can take. Take some when you get home after the first several workouts. The best cure for sore muscles, though, is to exercise again, though!

5/3/13 1:49 P

*Running shoes
A good pair goes a long way. I bought the wrong pair at first and injured my knee because they didn't have enough support.

*Running socks
There are three options here: cotton, synthetic & wool. I've found that all three work sometimes and sometimes don't. You should find what works for you, but something minimal is usually best.

*Sports bra
Target has some nice ones. I also really like Lucy's. I recommend something without plastic or metal clips, so that it doesn't chafe against your skin.

*Shirt, Pants
Again, Target has good ones. If you want to splurge, Lucy is my recommendation because they truly are built for running and tend to have pockets that zip for keys.

*Water belt or water bottle or water backpack
I run with a belt sometimes and sometimes with a bottle I can carry (I use an Amphipod handheld bottle). I've found the sometimes I prefer one or the other and they both come in handy. Based on the length of your runs, the bottle is actually nicer. I prefer it for runs under 13 miles.

*Running belt
Regardless of whether you get a water belt, get a small running belt for days when you run without your water. Useful for keys.

Nice to have:
*Rain gear
A light rain proof jacket for running.

*Head light

*Long sleeved running shirt
For early morning runs

*A second pair of shoes
It's actually better for your knees/legs to alternate shoes from one run to the next. No pair is perfect and alternating helps prevent injuries by putting the strain on a different muscle.

*Energy gels
If you are going on long runs, you are going to need energy. Gels like GU are excellent for that.

*Hydration tablets
This usually also only applies to long runs, but I like having them in my water on shorter runs too.

LIBRA74 Posts: 56
5/3/13 12:58 P

I agree with many of the previous posters that you really need good running shoes (fitted by a running specialty store, if at all possible), socks, and a supportive bra. I prefer my bra (and shirt) to be moisture wicking. I've had good luck finding exercise apparrel at Target for a reasonable price. I've got a few Champion C9 compression bras (which are moisture wicking) that I bought for $12 ea, and I also like their Champion C9 Duo Dry socks (less than $10 for a pack for 4). I've also got several Danskin moisture wicking T-shirts that I bought at Wal-Mart for around $5 apiece.

Depending on what time of day you plan to run, you may also need some lights and/or reflective gear so that you can be seen (and possibly see where you're going). I've got an arm band LED light and an LED head lamp that I use when I run early in the morning, since the sun doesn't come up until about mid-way through my run. My running jacket/vest (for cooler days) and some of my shirts also have reflective patches so that I can be seen. Many running hats also have reflective stripes on them.

Happy Running!

AGILECAT Posts: 695
5/3/13 12:14 P

The gear I find I need most are:

-good running shoes, not worn-out
-wicking runner's socks (I'm about to switch to a thinner type for summer)
-supportive sports bra
-lightweight tank or t-shirt and running shorts with a pocket, OR my favorite capri tights
-a lightweight wicking baseball cap for sunny days, or a thin headband and clips to keep my hair up and out of my eyes
-smartphone w/ C25K app and music playlist, and earbuds
-SPF 50 chapstick

I always put on UVA/UVB SPF 30 sunblock before I go. Usually I plan my route so that water is available about halfway (a park water fountain, etc.) and I keep a bottle of water in my vehicle, along with a hand towel and small snack such as almonds or a Clif bar. I don't run on roads, so I rarely carry i.d., but it would be a good idea to have a tag.

SASSYSACY Posts: 1,651
5/3/13 12:06 P

I agree with the suggestions and I also glad to get some recommended apps for the phone.

HFAYE81 SparkPoints: (21,822)
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5/3/13 11:58 A

At the risk of repeating what others have said, these are my "must haves" and I am on a TIGHT budget!
Good running socks (a must!) I like any that have compression around my arch and extra padding on the heel and toe box area
Good running shoes (I would go to the running store and get fitted)
I use the Map My Fitness app on my phone, the free version.
A supportive bra (try on LOTS)

I believe those are the bare bones minimum. I don't use a heart monitor, so I can't really give a suggestion...

BOKJOY SparkPoints: (0)
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5/3/13 11:46 A

Like a few others, I'm a bit of a minimalist when it comes to running.

-Good running shoes
-Emergency $$ in case I for some reason need to take a cab or the bus home

-If it is hot--water (I like the mini hand-held bottle devices that have a pocket for keys and ID--the belt kind annoy me too much when it starts to get hot and sweaty outside)
-An outfit that will make you feel motivated and badass and not overheated
-Smartphone or GPS for mileage tracking
-Good music, especially if you're not in a running mood!

TRINA9 SparkPoints: (25,870)
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5/3/13 11:32 A

If I go out for a run without Chapstick I am lost! I run home to get it and start again.

CHLOEAGH SparkPoints: (29,002)
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Posts: 1,012
5/3/13 10:12 A

Thanks, SOCAL_LEE! The Nathan pack had good reviews, but it's always nice to hear more about it.

MARF226 Posts: 210
5/3/13 9:54 A

You NEED a good bra, socks (quick dry) and properly fitted sneakers. I also agree about a place or pocket for ID and keys. Beyond that, I think everything else optional. For example, I like a cute running outfit to help motivate me on the days I don't want to go, but I don't have a heart rate monitor yet have managed to increase speed and distance successfully. So if you don't have a huge budget right now, don't stress. You'll figure out what works for you as you go along and your mileage increases.

SIMONEKP Posts: 2,755
5/3/13 9:17 A

I use a HR monitor by Pyle Sports, bought it on Amazon for less than $30

BAREFOOTDIVA SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 13
5/3/13 4:26 A

I have a baseball cap from The Northface that is waterproof so it either blocks the sun or keeps rain out of my eyes.

SOCAL_LEE SparkPoints: (43,325)
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Posts: 246
5/3/13 1:04 A

I have a Nathan waist pack and like it. It's comfortable, doesn't jiggle or move when I run, and holds the two water bottles (included) snugly. I also like that it's got a clip inside the ID pocket for keys.

GOING-STRONG Posts: 6,998
5/3/13 12:27 A

You definitely should invest in a few pairs of GOOD running socks. You don't want to get blisters! I recommend Pro Compression; they are light weight and look and feel great. On my smartphone, I use the free Nike Running App. It tracks mileage, speed, and keeps a cumulative total. I love to see those miles rack up!. Also works with walking and you can use it on a treadmill.

DMARTIN302 SparkPoints: (75,498)
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5/2/13 10:44 P

For those of you reading along and want an HRM and have a smart phone, I've really, REALLY loved my Zephyr HxM. It's an HRM chest strap that communicates to your cell phone via Bluetooth. A number of apps support it, including my favorite SportsTrackLive and my second favorite Endomondo. The chest strap currently about $85 for Android and $70 for iPhone, and usually the apps that support it will give you a coupon code for $5 off.

Why do I like it so much? I can choose my app (there are more than just those two that are supported). My phone also doubles as an MP3 player. Unlike the watches, the phone apps can speak your data to you at regular intervals that you set (either every X minutes and/or every X miles or fractions of miles). There's a training mode that can help you with intervals, if you're trying a Couch to 5K program. I can use the phone/app/hrm combo on my bike as a speedometer display as well. And, most importantly, after a fairly unnerving run with a really creepy guy lurking about, I have my cell phone in the event of an emergency.

I've used an arm band to hold my phone, but I find that they bug me. I've found a little waist pack (mine's by Amphipod, but there are many similar kinds) that rides on the small of my back. Nobody can see the contents, only that I have earphone wires coming out. For all anyone knows, it's a cheap MP3 player, so I don't feel like I'm tempting thieves. There's also a little room for a key, a gel or nutrition bar, and ID.

My husband and son have used both Polar and Garmin watches, so I'm familiar with those products, too. I like my cell phone setup the best. I have many more options to play with (which keeps me interested in exercising).

FITNAPTURAL SparkPoints: (77,972)
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Posts: 409
5/2/13 9:40 P

These are great ideas! I just got a smartphone in April and it has changed my running now that I have music and run keeper. I would add that before I had a tracker, I would use the map feature here on sparkpeople to have a few prescribed routes so that I would know how much I was running. It was easier to gauge my pace when I didn't have to think about the distance.

LEC358 SparkPoints: (11,135)
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5/2/13 2:02 P

I have a Droid on VZ and gps is included with everything else. VZ Navigator costs extra but if you use the Google or Apple navigation/maps, its included and location based apps like Runkeeper, etc don't cause extra charges. I used Runkeeper briefly before I decided that my phone was too heavy to run with :P

TREADIN4BSP Posts: 884
5/2/13 1:35 P

Regular Verizon, but I though true "GPS" was extra...I could be mistaken.

CHLOEAGH SparkPoints: (29,002)
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Posts: 1,012
5/2/13 12:49 P

Thanks for the sunglasses recommendation! That totally would have slipped my mind!

ADVENTURESEEKER SparkPoints: (46,432)
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Posts: 787
5/2/13 12:44 P

In the summer I like: a wicking sweatband, a good pair of runners (get fitted at a running store), a good sports bra, a water bottle or a waist pack with the little bottles on them (great for longer runs), a garmin (tracks how far I go, pace, etc), a pair of sunglasses, and sunscreen!

LEC358 SparkPoints: (11,135)
Fitness Minutes: (6,555)
Posts: 2,744
5/2/13 10:44 A

Yes because the apps use GPS/cell signal to track your location and distance information. This is true for all phone apps that track your distance.

On a side note, what iphone plan charges extra for GPS service? Or is it a case where you don't have a data plan and only go on the internet when you have a wifi signal? Just curious.

TREADIN4BSP Posts: 884
5/2/13 10:33 A

Does Runkeeper require you have GPS on your smartphone? I have iphone, but do not pay for GPS....

LEC358 SparkPoints: (11,135)
Fitness Minutes: (6,555)
Posts: 2,744
5/2/13 8:45 A

Definitely get a Road ID bracelet or shoe tag. They'll engrave it with your name, emergency contact(s), and any medical issues you might have that paramedics should know about. As a PP said, good shoes and a sports bra are a must. As for water, I just hand carry a bottle that has a little pouch for my keys and some spare cash.

PRAIRIEMIMI SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (6,913)
Posts: 157
5/2/13 7:24 A

Several really great suggestions. Might I add that runners should have a form of ID on them. I know this may not be considered running gear, but there have been a couple of incidents in my community where a runner was injured and had no identification on them. My daughter bought me a ID tag that is attached to my shoe laces. It gives my name, blood type and emergency phone contact number. (her cell number). There is also space for medical conditions, i.e. diabetes.

CHLOEAGH SparkPoints: (29,002)
Fitness Minutes: (7,311)
Posts: 1,012
5/1/13 10:29 P

I don't have a smartphone. And I do need a water pack. I can't run more than 5-10 minutes before my throat gets extremely dry. The snacks are more of a "just in case" thing.

5/1/13 10:26 P

The only running "gear" you really need is a pair of sneakers and a good sports bra. Unless you're running half marathons or more, you really don't need snacks or a water pack while you're on a run.

Most of my add-on gear is related to my phone: a good pair of Bluetooth headphones, tunes and RunKeeper.

NANLEYKW SparkPoints: (76,244)
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Posts: 867
5/1/13 10:01 P

Do you have a smartphone? If so, I recommend the free app Runkeeper. It tracks your runs and provides tons of information, including calories burned.

As for actual gear, in the summer, I often wear a wicking, brimmed cap and/or running sunglasses. I also use a waist pack for my phone and depending on the temperature and length of my run, a small water bottle with a hand strap.

I will say that I totally want a Garmin!

CHLOEAGH SparkPoints: (29,002)
Fitness Minutes: (7,311)
Posts: 1,012
5/1/13 6:07 P

Thanks for the suggestions! The Garmin is a little out of my price range for now, but I'll definitely keep in on my wishlist.

PAT4PROG Posts: 652
5/1/13 5:32 P

As previous my Garmin.
A must and pratical need...sunscreen
I'm going to start wearing a visor this summer for the first time...added protection and to stop the sweat from running into my eyes.
Happy Running!!!

DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (61,313)
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5/1/13 4:57 P

I have a Garmin Forerunner 110 with a heart rate monitor. I LOVE IT so very much! It's got a built in GPS, and when I wear my chestband, it tracks where I go, my speed, pace, heart rate, and everything. It even tracks the freakin' weather, which I love. It tracks all kind of record data, and I can browse through every run.

However, if you're looking for something more entry-level, I got a good one at Walmart that lasted about a year before the battery died in it for about $45. You want one with a chest strap, that you can enter age, gender, and weight for accurate calorie burn estimates.

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CHLOEAGH SparkPoints: (29,002)
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5/1/13 4:38 P

I'm sure there are plenty of topics on this...but my search feature isn't working.

This summer I will begin to run outside and also pick up my training a bit. I need suggestions for gear. I plan to buy a waist pack for water (that also has a pocket for ID, phone, and snacks). I have been looking at the Nathan Speed Waist Pack. I'm also going to buy some better workout clothes.

One thing I definitely want is a heart rate monitor. However, I'm not really sure what to look for (other than I know that I want it to log calories burned) and my budget is rather low. I would definitely appreciate some suggestions!

Any suggestions for other gear that would be good for me to have would also be appreciated (although I already have a pedometer). Thanks so much!

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