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5/14/15 12:29 P

Yes, running can stall weight loss. It's less about the running and more about being able to fuel your runs. It's much easier for me to lose weight when I'm keeping my runs 10k and under. When I train for longer races and do 10 ,ole runs, I have to really change up my nutrition a ton, and it makes it more difficult for me to lose weight. To lose weight you need calorie deficit and it's not too tough to run on that for short distances. But once you get to long distances it's much harder to fuel your body auto help build muscle and stamina while keeping a significant calorie deficit. I also need a lot more carbs (obviously) when I hitting the road for 10 miles. Increasing carbs in general feeds my cravings for carbs, then add in burning 1200-1500 calories on a run, it's hard to find balance. The off days, when I wasn't running, I would be extremely hungry but I wasn't burning all the calories so I had to keep my eating in check, which isn't fun. After my last long race, I decided to cut back my mileage to get through these last pounds I want to lose (already lost 120 pounds). I try to limit my runs to 10k & under and total weekly mileage under 30 miles. It's helped my weight loss increase again and I feel much better not fighting hunger constantly.

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7/20/14 1:16 P

I do not see how running can stall your weight loss efforts. If you are training for any distance, you will naturally get better and faster the more you train. Unless you are just doing enough to just get through the race. I know when I train really hard, I have a hard time eating to many excess calories. Sure I eat some more calories while training but sleep gets the better of me and it is very hard to eat too much when you are sleeping more.

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ZRIE014 Posts: 61,769
7/20/14 1:03 A

i'm maintaining my weight

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7/20/14 12:25 A

Technically speaking, all exercise won't have the same huge calorie burn you experienced in the beginning, but that does NOT mean you won't burn any calories. Your muscles get fit, strong, and efficient. As you loose weight, your muscles are carrying a lighter load too. If you're training for a half marathon, you want your muscles to become more efficient. When I was training for a 10K, I was running up to 20 miles per week and really burning a lot of calories, and I had been running for years.

Don't worry about becoming efficient at burning calories. Training for a half marathon WILL burn CRAZY calories. If your weight loss stalls, here's two reasons:
1- You're gaining muscle weight (not fat)
2- You're body wants you to eat more to compensate for your energy burn.

Keep a close eye on your nutrition. It's very important, especially in very long races like half marathons.

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7/18/14 7:29 P

As far as exercise goes, running is pretty effective in assisting weight loss, I would think the amount of running and the distances logged would have to be pretty significant and you would have to have been running for a long time before your ability to lose weight would be impacted. The more important factor would likely be your diet, if you are not eating clean and within a reasonable calorie range your efforts for weight loss would be affected. Keep running, it is good for you and can go a long way towards helping you reach your goals, just watch your diet too.

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7/18/14 4:57 P

I lost 70 lbs. by eating well, with the vast majority of my exercise coming only from running (with a little cross-training/strength training thrown in for good measure). It's challenging, especially when training for a longer distance like that (I didn't do my first half until after I had lost the weight), because as your runs get longer, you are going to find yourself much hungrier. As long as you know that's coming and are ready for it, you can make sure you fill yourself up with healthy foods. If you stay within your calorie ranges, you should continue to lose.

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7/18/14 3:35 P

I'm not currently a runner, but have been so in the past. I would just recommend to of course track your calories because your body will most likely want to eat back those calories you burn. Even when I was running 4-5 miles 4 times a week I didn't loose hardly any weight because I didn't track my calories. Also, I would add some body weight strength exercises in there. Building some muscle helps you loose fat.

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7/18/14 2:45 P

Hey all,

I got back into running because I wanted an inexpensive way to exercise and lose weight. However, I have been reading several articles that talk about running can stall weight loss because your body gets used to the long distances and doesn't work as hard to burn calories after a while.

My current schedule is this:
Monday - rest
Tuesday - walk/run 3 miles
Wednesday - cross train on the stationary bike for 30 min and ST
Thursday - walk/run 2 miles
Friday - rest
Saturday - walk/run 4-5 miles
Sunday - walk 2-3 miles

The distances will begin to get longer since I'm doing a half marathon training schedule. While I love the running routine I'm starting, does anyone have any advice on how to keep weight loss going? I know plateaus are bound to happen but I want to try to keep them as short as possible. I didn't lose any weight this past week and I'm not sure if that's my body getting used to running or because I was too lax on my eating (my guess it's a combination of both).

All thoughts and advice are welcome. :)

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