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REVIVED Posts: 990
11/7/12 11:00 A

I actually do run without water. I never carry it with me. But I'm only within the last week running for an actual 5k. And I wouldn't even bring it up except that I've had the problem twice now where I got so dry that I couldn't even work up any saliva to swallow and actually felt sick enough to not continue. And I'm not the type to coddle myself. I always push my limits. I stopped because it scared me a little and I felt ill. But I try to drink plenty of water throughout the day. I mean- I only drink water and I carry it with me throughout the day. Sometimes I'm only at 6 or 7cups...maybe even 5 before i go though so I guess I'll focus on increasing it throughout the day.

I do like a lot of the suggestions though. I'm sure as I run more, it will improve.

MOTIVATED@LAST Posts: 15,401
11/7/12 7:12 A

Water is absorbed into the system fairly quickly (10-20 mins) - so if you ensure you are well hydrated 30 mins before a run, you should be fine without cramping.

In most cases, the need for hydration (and even more so alleged 'sports' drinks) is significantly overhyped. And excessive fluid intake can lead to imbalances in electrolytes (aka 'water toxicity)

While for a marathon or half marathon, some water is probably necessary and advisable, over shorter distances, this is not necessarily the case.

For 30 minutes/5K, the body generally has sufficient water reserves in virtually all conditions.

For 10K, in hot or humid conditions, additional water might be needed, in cooler conditions it is not necessary.


UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
11/7/12 12:34 A

I find dry-mouth goes away without needing water input. After a while I'm actually spitting - too much moisture in the mouth.

Try it one day without water. The worst you can do is dehydrate yourself a little. If you're doing half an hour of running you won't do any harm to yourself and should not suffer any real effects of any mild dehydration. But anyway, you're more likely to find that you actually can run without needing water after all, and that frees you up to do that more often. :)

BUBBLEJ1 Posts: 2,981
11/7/12 12:18 A

I used to think the same way you do. Now I don't take a bottle for anything 4k or less. My 5k route has a fountain halfway, and I will stop and have a few sips if it is hot. Otherwise I am good without water. I think your body gets used to the running and you need water less

NANLEYKW SparkPoints: (76,157)
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11/6/12 10:23 P

Now that the weather is cool, I don't need water while I'm running, but during the summer, I took a little palm-grip bottle with me like this one:

Super easy to carry and holds enough water at least for what I was running over the summer (C25K, so no more than 5k).

ZORBS13 SparkPoints: (179,413)
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11/6/12 1:17 P

You can do one of 4 things:

1) handheld bottle.
2) waist belt.
3) pre-dropping bottles along the course.
4) running a route with fountains along the way.

REVIVED Posts: 990
11/6/12 12:25 P

i just never see people outside running with water. i think it would feel awkward carrying it. are they hiding it somewhere? i might try the gum thing. ive had two experiences now where i got to dehydrated to continue so now it makes me panic a little when my mouth starts drying up. i would like to carry water so i can keep going if it happens but i dont understand how to do it without just holding it the whole time.

CLRWILLIAMS25 SparkPoints: (34,625)
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11/6/12 12:00 P

I had actually posted about this a few months ago. I chew gum while running, and that has helped alleviate the problem. Now that I am running more frequently and covering more miles, I need water less than I used to. My husband calls it my security blanket. I always have it on the treadmill or on a run, but rarely need to drink any. I would try drinking gum and also drinking a lot of water throughout the day before your run.

N16351D Posts: 2,349
11/6/12 11:25 A

I drink a lot of water all day long, but especially before and after jogging. I only take water with me on a run if I know I will be running over an hour. It doesn't seem necessary if only going out for 15 - 60 minutes.

Thirst is a message your brain sends telling your body it is already dehydrated. Better to drink enough water before exercise so that you don't feel thirsty. That goes for all day long. When you feel thirsty, you have not had enough water. Ideally, drink enough that you never feel thirsty. Hard to do!

MPLANE37 SparkPoints: (75,908)
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11/6/12 10:00 A

Mouth dryness can happen even when you are well hydrated. I suffer from dry mouth if I am under too much pressure, e.g. too many things to do in too little time. Otherwise it should be really hot and I should be exercising very vigorously to have my mouth drying up.

MMEEAAGGX3 SparkPoints: (1,281)
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11/6/12 2:54 A

My mouth gets dry too when I run! I think it's because when you're running at an intense pace sometimes, your mouth can stay open which makes it dry. I just sip water when it happens. It happens again within 5 minutes (lol) but I just keep drinking! Unless it feels like too much, then I'll just wait it out.

ZORBS13 SparkPoints: (179,413)
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11/5/12 10:02 P

I don't feel thirsty in cooler weather. In the winter, I can run 13+ miles and drink less than 8 oz of water. But in the summer, I will carry water even for 3 miles.

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GINGERVISTA Posts: 6,236
11/5/12 9:33 P

I always run with a water bottle & take sips throughout the run. But then, you'd never see me without a water bottle of some sort any time of the day. emoticon

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11/5/12 9:18 P

Hi Revived,

Breathinig through your mouth is actually more efficient to getting oxygen to the lungs versus nose breathing only so don't feel bad that you must do so. You are actually doing what most runners do.

Remember too that the more acclimated your body becomes to running the more efficient your body becomes and this comes to hydration. The key is to make sure you are hydrated well before you head out for your runs. This doesn't have to be right before you go out, but hours before hand. The side stitches could be caused by the water, but it could also be caused by running too fast which causes a spasm in the diaphragm (the muscle that allows our lungs to expand).

That being said, if the temps are warm and/or the air humid, hydration is important.

Coach Nancy

FUNNYGIRLJESS SparkPoints: (9,865)
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11/5/12 9:09 P

drink when you feel thirsty

REVIVED Posts: 990
11/5/12 9:07 P

I've been running for like 3 months and I still don't understand how people run without carrying water with them. I know breathing in through the nose helps and I do try to do that but sometimes I just don't feel like I'm not getting enough air that way and I have to breath through my mouth which I think is related more to a dysfunctional nose than not having enough control with breathing cuz I'm very focused on my breathing.

Anyway, my mouth gets so dry! It starts to freak me out that I'm going to get too dehydrated to keep going, in fact, that's happened twice. I can't drink water right before or I'll get a cramp. I'm usually fighting off a side stitch the first 20 minutes as it is. But I do try to drink a lot of water throughout the day.

Any tips?

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