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In addition to the advice below, it sounds like you may be eating too little- A baseline estimate for calories burned is 100/mile, so if you ran 18 miles you likely burned at least 1800 (but it's probably higher given your speed, heart rate, etc)! I am nowhere near your weekly mileage (I do 20-25/week) but I do adjust my intake accordingly- you are also almost at your goal so losing will be more difficult.

But to me, it sounds like you're not eating enough. I would put into the fitness calculator that you burn at least 4000 calories/week and see how it adjusts your food range. I think you're right to eat more on days you run more and less on days you don't run/run less.

Hope that was somewhat helpful! And I can't recommend a heart rate monitor enough if you don't wear one!

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If you know how many calories you are burning while you are working out, you may want to add that in your fitness settings. (if you wear a heart rate monitor it will best estimate what you burn during your workouts)

Here is some additional info that you may find useful.

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This isn't really a panic question but a question I can't seem to get answer too so I figure I will try on here. I noticed once I upped my milage runninng to 40 - 45 miles a week my weight loss just stalled again. For the longest time my weightloss stalled because I was under eating but after tweaking my calories and adding about 200 - 250 calories a day it restarted . I am down to around 133 I haven't weighed myself in a few weeks because its a slippery slope for me. I am just going on how my clothes fit and weighing about once a month. I am careful on what I eat. I know by 100% certainty that i am not over eating but I am wondering if maybe I am under eating again. Yesterday I ran 18miles and by the end of the day I was at 2800 calories I was stuffed couldn't eat anymore. So today i am at loss for how much I should eat. I do t thinking should be eating 1500( to low) ....the days I don't exercise I eat less the days I run. 10 miles or more I try to eat a lot more .Any advice is apprecited ....thanks :-)

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