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I got the book from runner's world too. I gotta say I'm still working back to a solid run, but that book has some amazing tips to help along.

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5/26/13 8:55 P

The significance of toe, mid-foot or heel strike is how your body deals with impact.

With toe or midfoot strike, a lot of the impact of your foot hitting the ground is absorbed by the small muscles in the foot and the flexing of the ankle. With heel strike, there are none of these natural shock absorbers, and the jarring tends to travel straight up the leg, causing problems further up your body (eg. knees, hips).

Shoes can (partially) correct this, hence the salesperson's question.


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The previous posters have given you some good info. Here's a link to our Running Center that will provide additional information you might find helpful:

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it means, do you land on your heel, or with a flatter foot?

heel strike:

midfoot strike:

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I don't know, but I found a neat book at the grocery store magazine section put out by Runner's World. It cost about $10, but it has a LOT of info about running. I'm new too, and I don't know anything

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5/26/13 4:02 P

What are some running tips that are beneficial for the beginner runner? I went yesterday and got new running shoes and the person who was helping me pick some out was asking about how I strike my foot when running (i.e. heel to toe). What exactly does that mean?

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