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7/11/13 2:04 P

giver her spark trophy

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7/11/13 12:33 P

Treadmills aren't too precise and you could be faster than you think. With that said, so what if she runs faster? Maybe you should give her a trophy.

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7/11/13 10:21 A

I started running at 4.5 mph about two months ago, my left foot cried plantar fasciitus... need I say more? Now I am walking at 4.3 mph. Not bad eh? Better than giving up... But your speed is just fine! I felt like I was soaring at 4.7 mph at one point, for me that was reallly good!

Posts: 689
7/11/13 6:07 A

Thanks for all the positive feedback. I wrote that post a while ago so am now running at 6.1-6.3 mph.

Posts: 861
7/11/13 5:28 A

It doesn't matter what your coworker thinks or says. The fact is you are doing it! Everyone has their own pace and you are getting on the treadmill and doing the work. Try not to let it get to you. Keep up the good work.

Posts: 55
7/11/13 4:05 A

MAybe your coworker is running in kmp!!

SparkPoints: (14,041)
Fitness Minutes: (9,337)
Posts: 424
7/11/13 2:51 A

I believe that coworker is lying.

Posts: 265
5/3/13 11:38 A

I started training in January of this year. I'm slow, but I know speed will come. I finished my first 5K in March at about 40-45 minutes (was a ColorRun so not timed). I'm running in a 5K tonight and my goal is to finish a little faster. I run at 5mph on the treadmill, and a little faster outside according to RunKeeper. You coworker sounds like a jerk and definitely doesn't act like a TRUE runner. From my experience runners are very friendly and supportive. Do whats right for you and wallow in your successes!


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Posts: 53
5/3/13 8:07 A

I started running using C25K back in January. I haven't completed the 8 week plan yet because I've been going at MY pace and not a pace that everyone else seems to think I should do. I jog at 5 mph on the treadmill. I've seen some people walking at that pace. That's OK with me. It's about me and my goals and not about them. Last Saturday I jogged/ran for 20 consecutive minutes. I had actually convinced myself that I couldn't do it and was trying to talk myself out of even trying. I did it and was so proud of myself. Today I'm supposed to do 22 consecutive minutes. I'm on week 6 of the 8 week plan (I did weeks 4 and 5 over and over until I felt comfortable with moving on). I'm feeling great and not in competition with anyone. I'm just trying to meet my goals.

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5/3/13 4:58 A

Your coworker sounds delightful.

Ignore her. People like that are usually insecure about something, so they need to tear others down to make themselves feel good.

As it happens, I'm very fit and I am struggling to break a 30 minute 5k. I'm sure there are some 'nonathletic blobs' that could do it faster, but it is the best I can do and I'm trying hard and getting better each time :) Just try and beat yourself, coz you are the one that matters.

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Posts: 1
5/2/13 10:45 P

I can no longer run on the treadmill due to my knees, but have no problem running outside. The treadmill pulls on your leg forcing your knee back. My sports medicine doctor told me to stay outdoors whenever possible.

Nobody is a speedster when they first start. Ignore the comments. You will get faster. My first 1/2 marathon time was 2:45 and my second was 2:20. You get faster. Don't rush it or you'll get injured.

More power to you!!! Keep it up! Races are addicting and give you something to work hard for!

Posts: 7
4/24/13 10:54 A

7 minute miles

Posts: 689
4/24/13 5:19 A

KKabebeer- I would love to start running outside. I however, have to exercise before my kids wake up at around 5am and would not be comfortable going outside at that time. I don't own a double jogger. So I'm making do with the treadmill at this point.

SparkPoints: (42,021)
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Posts: 2,210
4/23/13 10:37 P

Sounds to me like your coworker is insecure. I think it's wonderful that you've started running!

I too started running about 3 weeks ago and thought I was only running 1 mile, when I'm actually running 2! I was so thrilled! Also, Saturday when I ran, I was able to pick up my speed, so I'm very pleased.

You keep up the running and remember that you're worth it!

Posts: 38
4/23/13 8:38 P

I'm also just getting back into running, and I say "Ditto!" to all the other comments here. You're doing fine, keep up the good work! My first 5k back into it, I finished around 43 minutes, and I was nowhere near last. Before the start, I was afraid I might be, and my friend told me just remember that you're way ahead of the folks sitting on their couches at home. The only person whose opinion matters is you, and the only person you need to beat is yourself (but only if you want to!).

Posts: 184
4/23/13 8:33 P

First of all, bravo on your running improvements! It's not easy to build up speed and endurance and you've managed to do both. Don't compare yourself to others, but instead try to do the best you can at that given moment.

Posts: 113
4/23/13 8:23 P

Hey PinkPanther444... I too was a slave to my treadmill last summer. It was so hot outside and I was training for an Ultramarathon... the only way I could get my training in was on the TM. I ended up with a severe injury that put me in 4 months of physical therapy. I think that the forced pace of the TM prevents us from properly adjusting our gate and speed. I also feel the the propelled motion allows us to eliminate use of muscles that are required for outdoor running. Just food for thought, but I am a big advocate for running outdoors whenever possible. I wish you the best & hope you keep running!!!

SparkPoints: (17,197)
Fitness Minutes: (5,128)
Posts: 681
4/23/13 3:27 P

The great thing about running is that, unless you're a racer, it's pretty much the only non-competitive sport there is. It's all about getting healthy and improving yourself and your own time/distance. I'm always impressed with runners, no matter the distance and pace. Running is hard work, regardless of how slowly (or quickly) you go!

I'm just getting back into running, and I understand how easy it can be to see people whizzing by and to start making comparisons, but try try try to just constantly improve yourself. You will never be the fastest, but I guarantee you will also never be the slowest.

Also, it sounds like your coworker has a bit of false modesty - she clearly downplayed her athletic-ness to get some "awe" out of others and probably made those comments to make herself feel superior. In my experience, true runners never pick on other runners' times. :)

SparkPoints: (153,087)
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Posts: 10,017
4/23/13 2:10 P

Yep, you'll always have people slower and fatser than you are. Do it for yourself and keep up the excellent work.

And your co-worker should just shut up! emoticon

Edited by: MLAN613 at: 4/23/2013 (14:10)

SparkPoints: (61,119)
Fitness Minutes: (40,069)
Posts: 4,472
4/23/13 4:24 A

let me guess - this co-worker always has a 'one up' story, right? No matter what the topic, they've always done it better, faster, more often.

UGH. Hit the mute button!

You are doing GREAT. There are a lot of really slow runners (I'm one of them). And fast runners...and all those in between.
emoticon emoticon Life is good emoticon emoticon

SparkPoints: (32,369)
Fitness Minutes: (69,431)
Posts: 246
4/22/13 11:56 P

Even though everyone has already said this, I have to chime in: your coworker is a jerk!

I have major respect for you being able to run so fast for so long on the treadmill. I HATE the treadmill and just can't do what you do. I like to run outside and I run for mileage, not time -- I am slooooow. But I think it's fun, which is the most important thing because, tada!, then I keep on doing it. Ignore the idiot co-worker and seek out the hundreds of other runners who will support and encourage you. You're doing wonderfully!

Posts: 703
4/22/13 12:53 P

I don't know a lot of runners that run daily, and definitely no one that runs daily that would consider themselves an unathletic blob.

It sounds your co worker was just being mean or maybe jealous. Don't let her get you down.

SparkPoints: (8,855)
Fitness Minutes: (7,418)
Posts: 29
4/22/13 12:39 P

I started running about a year ago. I started slower then your pace!

I've run 3 half marathons since then. One I ran at something like a 12:15 pace (just less than 5 miles per hour). The other two I've run at a 10:20 or so pace (just under 6 miles per hour).

I would love to run faster but it's just not in me. I think that is as fast as I can run.

Oh, and I've done quite a few races even slower, but I was running with friends and finishing and having a good time the entire way beat finishing by myself and being bored.

Posts: 704
4/22/13 11:05 A

In running, just as in life, run your own race. You are your only competition. Be the best you can be based on your unique body type.

I've been working on speed, but it's taking a long time to improve. I'm short and very muscular. I can sprint very fast, but I can't sustain speed over a long distance. Because I have predominantly Type II fibers, it has been very difficult to build endurance, Running simply just does not come easy for me. But, I'm proud of everything that I have been able to accomplish, especially knowing how much work I've had to put in.

Run your own race.

(And frankly, I would just avoid talking to that person. Who needs that meanness and negativity.)

Edited by: SIMPLELIFE2 at: 4/22/2013 (15:20)

Posts: 115
4/22/13 9:51 A

I've started running consistently outside for about a month. The weather just started to get warmer and I am enjoying being out there. I usually go after my daughter goes to sleep - a couple hours after dinner. It helps to get my stress out from my day!
That being said, I'm right where you are as far as time - I just started taking it from 2 miles to 3 miles this past week. My endurance is better than my speed right now, but I know eventually it will improve. I'm really just running against myself at this point. I wouldn't share the information with that reason - I don't want anyone knocking on my hard work. Try not to worry about it and keep going.

Good work!!

SparkPoints: (21,055)
Fitness Minutes: (7,567)
Posts: 217
4/21/13 9:43 P

That's so mean! Oh man, I can't believe she said that. I'm on the fourth week of Sparkpeople's walk/jog 5k program, and I'm going between 4 and 4.5mph. I've had a couple of coworkers suggest that one could not possibly be jogging that slow, but I know they're just being insensitive. I've seen a lot of improvement in my fitness in the last couple of months, but I'm still morbidly obese and I feel like I look ridiculous when I'm trying to run. Even still, whenever I pass someone else running, they always smile kindly. If your coworker is so mean, she is not a real runner. So there.

Posts: 443
4/21/13 9:21 P

I've been running about six months now. I'm only running at about 6.0-6.4 mph (I run outside so it varies) for 5 miles. Everyone is different and I think that you are doing great!

SparkPoints: (3,674)
Fitness Minutes: (2,155)
Posts: 1,148
4/21/13 6:46 P

Well, if it makes you feel any better, I've been running for ten weeks or so and my pace for 40 minutes would be about the same as yours (5K this morning in 32 minutes). I finished just about mid-pack. I think you're doing pretty well, honestly.

I really agree with the previous poster that running isn't about comparing yourself to anyone but yourself. I have a sister who can run 15 miles at a pace over 2 minutes per mile faster than I can currently do for 3 -- if I tried to compare myself to her (and I do get tempted), I'd never run a step! Running when it goes well is all about how strong and how alive it makes you feel ... and if you're lucky enough to find others to run with or to participate in races, also about how connected it can make you feel to those who are doing the same thing. None of that has anything to do with speed.

Posts: 21,152
4/21/13 4:35 P

Your co worker is a meany. Just run a pace that feels good to you. Keep it up. Run happy and ignore the hater. :)

SparkPoints: (34,609)
Fitness Minutes: (20,328)
Posts: 1,964
4/21/13 3:17 P

Your co-worker sounds like a jerk, a rare find in the running community. I LOVE hearing about new runners who are just getting into it. You have so many new goals to set and finish lines to cross! Sign up for your first 5k and you'll quickly realize that running isn't about competing with your braggy coworker but in being part of a community and setting your own personal records. Try running outside and ignoring your speed at first. Running on a treadmill and running outside are two different animals. I find I'm slower outside but I can run a lot further because I can more easily distract myself.

Posts: 689
4/21/13 1:34 P

Totally agree that running on a treadmill isn't the same as running outdoors. I'm curious to see how well I could keep pace outside. However, I run at 5am before my kids wake up and wouldn't feel safe going outdoors at that time. I also don't own a double jogger. My knees have been somewhat painful after the fact as well. Wondering if running outdoors would be a bit easier on them.

Posts: 1,971
4/21/13 12:22 P

You are going faster than anyone who's butt is glued to the couch! Your pace is fine, and totally appropriate for a beginning runner. Stick with the pace you feel comfortable with, and later on, when your endurance is up, you can work on speed. It's generally not recommended to work on speed much until you've been running consistently for a year. Also, treadmill pace does not always correlate to road pace - I started out running 6 mph on the treadmill, and when I started running outside, I thought I'd die for the first month or two!

Posts: 347
4/21/13 8:20 A

Kkqzebeer is right--the running community is extremely supportive of one another. I highly question whether she runs as she says. I just ran/ walk a 10k and it was one of the most fun things I've done. Nobody looked down on me for not running fast or running the whole thing.

I started running in January and I run at about 5 mph...sometimes slower. When starting out, your first objective should be endurance (building up the time you run), not the speed. That will come.

Edited by: JCWIAKALA at: 4/21/2013 (08:21)

Posts: 113
4/21/13 8:11 A

Sounds like she's the one with the issue. Register for a 5K and you will get the boost you need. Most runners are supportive of other runners no matter what their pace is. Keep up the great work!!!!

Posts: 14,051
4/20/13 8:11 P

It can take a while for your leg muscles and tendons to adjust to the impact of running - most Couch to 5K plans run for about 8 weeks to give your them sufficient time to adjust.

And when starting out running, it is actually a good idea to keep your running pace down, as less speed = less impact. Once you are running comfortably, then you can work on increasing your speed.

And I think it is pretty rude of your co-worker to make comments like that. If you have just 3.5 weeks of running under your belt, then 5.5 mph is a pretty good speed.

Just one thing though. For most rookie runners (those with less than 6 months running experience under their belt), it is generally recommended that you keep running to just 3 days per week, to give your body time to recover and adjust to the impact. IT is fine however to cross-train with other lower-impact forms of cardio for the rest of the week.


Online Now
SparkPoints: (52,584)
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Posts: 827
4/20/13 3:39 P

I agree--there's no need to compare yourself to others. If I did that, I would've quit running right after I started. :)

My first 5k, which I ran 9 weeks after I started running (with the C25K program), I ran in 43:05. My husband's first 5k was somewhere around 35 minutes. But my goal isn't to be faster than him, it's to be faster than myself, and every time I hit the pavement, I aim to do better than the last time. (Fast forward eight months, and my most recent race was an 8k a couple of weeks ago, which I ran in 49:53--still not fast, but a huge improvement over my first race, and that's what I care about.)

I think it's obnoxious to laugh at someone else's pace, honestly. And someone who runs on a treadmill every day is hardly an "unathletic blob." I'm not sure why she feels the need to put down your efforts, but just ignore her and keep on doing what you're doing! :)

Posts: 55,577
4/20/13 2:16 P

I totally agree with Zorbs. Even at my most fit I'm not fast (compared to typical standards), but as long as I'm out there doing it, that's all that matters.

Woo hoo for you!

Coach Jen

SparkPoints: (97,424)
Fitness Minutes: (98,509)
Posts: 13,019
4/20/13 2:09 P

You shouldn't compare yourself to others. There will always be people faster, and people slower.

Posts: 689
4/20/13 1:23 P

I started running about three and a half weeks ago. I was really proud of myself because 1. I have always hated running and 2. I would normally quit after 5 minutes. I've maintained doing this daily (I used to walk everyday, so really I just stepped it up) since the get go.I'm now running 5.4 or 5.5mph for 40 minutes which equals a 33 min 5k. I was pretty impressed w/ myself until my coworker, a self described "unathletic blob" indicated that she runs on the treadmill daily at 6.5pmh for 35 minutes. She laughed at my pace and pretty much told me I might as well still be walking. Way to burst my bubble ;) I told her it seems like she is running really fast and I'm more in the middle ground (I hope). So wondering how fast the rest of you run....

Edited by: PINKPANTHER444 at: 4/20/2013 (13:50)

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