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Not sure I have advice about dealing with snow, but when it is cold, temperature management is key. Layer your clothing.

Items like arm warmers and a beanie are great, as you can whip them off and shove them in your pocket without having stop as you begin to warm up from running.


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Find a park or paved trail that's cleared so you can push the stroller. You can't safely navigate unplowed sidewalks with a stroller. My other suggestion is to run in the street, which you can do when you are running solo.

I put hex head screws in my shoes for better traction in snow.

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1/18/13 6:42 P

So I am fairly new to running. I started back in October and try to run 3-4 times a week. I run about 3 miles each time. My problem is now I am no longer running because I am bored. I have been running on the treadmill, trying intervals, and now I am bored!! I walk so I can read a magazine or something. I am dying to get outside, but my fear is falling, especially with all the snow we've gotten. Any advice for running in the cold weather/snow (people do not shovel their walks around here!!) and any attire you might advise, especially running shoe? Also I will be running with my daughter, so I will be pushing a jogging stroller!!

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