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10/14/13 1:48 P

I have neck and shoulder issues. I can tell you the thinks that I have seen and noticed that most people do.

1. hold the phone between their shoulder and ear
2. As they work (if typing) their shoulders are typically raised.
3. while driving same thing, raised shoulders
4. purse or laptop bag too heavy
5. stressed out and tightening up
6. running - shoulders raised.

The most important thing that you can do, is have good posture, in everything that you do. If you start to pay attention, you may notice that you do some of these things.

HEALER1 Posts: 1,145
10/12/13 4:56 P

are you tensing up your shoulders when you run? I sometimes do and I have to reminding myself to stay loose when I run. I also do some neck excercises when I am running--neck rolls/ side turns, etc. It helps pass the time and my neck feels great when I'm done.

10/12/13 11:56 A

"I'm severely stiff. Now, I had an extremely stressful week, could this be the cause? "

Yes. Try these stretches before you run (and now):

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10/12/13 11:24 A

When I went for my run this morning I had some serious shoulder tension. I noticed that I was tense and kept trying to shake it, but for whatever reason I just could not loosen it up. By the time that I got home I had neck pain and I'm severely stiff. Now, I had an extremely stressful week, could this be the cause? How do I relax on days like this? Any suggestions to help the current stiffness?


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