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KTIKAL Posts: 75
1/30/13 1:48 P

Thank you all for your replies to this!! i am going to incorporate all of this great advice! I could definitely slow it down a bit too.. I'll drop back down to a slow jog and see where that gets me :)

SUSAN_FOSTER Posts: 1,229
1/29/13 5:59 P

To build on what the PP said - take it slow. Slow down your pace. Make it so you feel like you are just barely running. You are trying to build endurance first; speed comes later.

KRISPY6372 Posts: 95
1/29/13 5:42 P

When I started running, I felt the same way. I run marathons now, and the like a previous poster said, the first mile is still hard! The best thing that I've learned to do is just take it really slow the first mile (or however long) until you're warmed up. I normally run at a 9 min mile pace, but during the first mile, I drop it down to a 10-10:30 min pace.

When I started training, i would make a game out of it to see how long I could go without stopping. It gave me something to think about - even if I could go 15 seconds more than the first interval, it was an accomplishment! Good luck :)

HAPPENINGFISH SparkPoints: (0)
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1/29/13 5:24 P

It's SO psychological! The only reason why I love running.

I do have a BIG tip for you though - I've had some of my best running push-through moments when I have my headphones on with the US Marines. I'm a freaking pacifist, but they do cadence runs - as in they do those crazy call-and-response songs that people associate with the military, all that Left, Left, Left-Right-Left! stuff. The idea is to keep your mind partially occupied while you run. Never tried it on a treadmill but it certainly works outside.

The other thing that taught me how to run (I could never run for more than 8 minutes at a stretch for years!) was meditation. Somehow I got it into my head to focus on each step, never to think about how much suffering was left in my workout, but only to feel and in a perverse way enjoy the effort I was putting through only now, in this moment. It really works. It was the only thing that got me to actually run long distances.

Let us know if anything works eh!

1/29/13 4:44 P

I went from no running to running three marathons, and the first bit was always the roughest. The first couple miles are still tough, even now. Your body just needs time to loosen up and warm up. I usually just grit my teeth, dig deep and get past it. Good luck!

1/29/13 2:39 P

Packer fan here... emoticon I started running this summer and ran outdoors...loved it. I live in WI and I just don't want to run in some of these temps/weather we've been seeing lately...i dont live in an area with sidewalks and the idea of running on slushy wet roads doesnt appeal to me very much so I recently started running on a treadmill. I have to say I agree with the others...the treadmill is harder for me and I watch the clock which makes the time go by so much slower... I like the idea of covering the clock. ive just been trying to not focus on it... watch the tv or something else...but for me it does get boring running on the treadmill. I could run miles outdoors without stopping and enjoying my run but I have had problems doing that on the treadmill.

DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (61,313)
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1/29/13 2:10 P

Since you're stuck on a treadmill (we here in the south rarely even see temps below freezing even during the night!) I'd say work on your routine to make it less boring. SP has some great ideas:

My favorite? incline intervals!

GNISULA SparkPoints: (11,454)
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Posts: 284
1/29/13 2:03 P

Like before, take your eyes off the clock. I use the podcasts from
She tells you when to stop and start, and her choice of music is pretty up beat. :)
Good luck with your block!

1/29/13 1:08 P

I did the couch to 5k program and was in the same shoes as you were. If you need to repeat a week, by all means do so! Running on a treadmill is harder IMHO than running outside. I think a lot of it is psychological. I can run 4 miles outside no problem but on the treadmill I am dying! Having a distraction is good but you also want to listen to your body and ensure that you are keeping proper form while running, otherwise you could hurt yourself. I would work on my playlist.

BTW when I did couch to 5k I found a really awesome podcast where the person would go over the music and tell you when to switch. The music was EDM which I don't usually listen to, but he matched the beat of the music to the speed you were supposed to be going. You might want to check out those podcasts if you don't want to be watching the clock.

KTIKAL Posts: 75
1/29/13 12:28 P

I would love to run outside.. but i live in Montana where currently it's dipping back below 0 degrees F. So yes, i'm on a treadmill for now. I'm trying to build my running confidence on top of that...

DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (61,313)
Fitness Minutes: (15,545)
Posts: 9,713
1/29/13 12:03 P

The motions you use in Zumba and Turbo Jam do not translate to running ability. :) It's a different use of your system, and in some ways, running can be a lot more demanding! There's a reason not everyone runs marathons, after all. ;)

Repeating training weeks is a great way to help your respiratory and circulatory systems adapt and catch up. Now I'm curious; how are you running? Are you on a treadmill? Or outside?

If you're on a treadmill... get off of it, and get outside. Running outside is WAY better than any treadmill run, any day. More interesting, more challenging, keeps your brain engaged.

SARAHCBJ SparkPoints: (4,627)
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1/29/13 11:49 A

Katie, I have the same thing (though I do feel like I'm going to die during the third minute), but I KNOW so much of it is tied to watching the clock. Last week at the gym, Jeopardy came on the TV and I focused on that. I found that I did a lot better when my mind was engaged in something, instead of the "oh my god, I'm gonna die" mantra that is running through my head as I watch the clock. I'd second covering the clock and finding tv, an audio book or anything else that can engage your mind.

KTIKAL Posts: 75
1/29/13 11:39 A

That is actually a really great suggestion! (Even with the Green Bay jab..) haha!!

Thank you!! I'm going to try that tonight :)

SAILOR64 SparkPoints: (20,017)
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1/29/13 11:37 A


If the reason you are stopping isn't a physical one, it must be because you are a Green Bay Packer fan. Just kidding. But it could be some kind of mental block associated with the clock on the treadmill.

I suggest this: cover up the clock, or even better yet, the entire console with a towel and run until you tire out. Try not to think about the clock. If your treadmill has a tv built in or their is one on the wall you can tune into, use it to distract yourself from thinking about time. When you are tired, stop and see how long you ran.

Also, I looked over the program C25K and I know they suggest running for time in the program. They do this to help build your conditioning slowly and prevent injuries from over doing it too soon. But, if this is getting in your way, concentrate on distance for a couple of days and see if this helps you break the 3-minute barrier, then return to the program as it was designed.

Hope this helps.

Jonny Mac

KTIKAL Posts: 75
1/29/13 11:18 A

I am doing the Couch to 5k and i'm repeating Week 3 and also adding in Week 4 occasionally. I'm definitely overweight but definitely in better shape than a lot of people my size. I get up a move a lot. I'm not new to working out. I've been working out steady for the last 4 months but prior to the Couch to 5k i was doing things like Turbo Jam and Zumba and light treadmill intervals.
Anyways, my question is this: When i Zumba or Turbo Jam I can keep it going the entire time. I have the stamina and endurance to do a Zumba workout 45 minutes start to finish, no breaks. But with running, even running 3 minutes, i stop myself. Like i need to stop and breath. I'm not gasping for breath, my legs aren't collapsing and my lungs don't burn. My heart doesn't feel like it's going to explode even. I just stop. Any advice here?? I really enjoy these runs but i can't make myself go the whole 3 minutes even though.. i know i totally can.

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