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9/18/12 10:21 P

I did my first ever 5k at age 52 - I walked/jogged. I love walking, but decided to challenge myself to add the jogging too. It was tough training working up to the longer periods of jogging. But I did it! It really felt really satisfying to have gone the distance (even though I shortened the periods of jogging for the last 10 to 15 minutes of my approx. 50 minute time). I might even do another one!

GDRENZEK SparkPoints: (18,182)
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9/17/12 5:02 P

I am 71 and am restarting couch to 5k. Blew my knee in boot camp beginning of August. I am signed up for a 5K in Jan.

JULIA1154 Posts: 1,783
9/17/12 4:14 P

I did a 5K (on my treadmill) last year and will do another this fall but, having developed bone spurs in one knee I'm a little cautious about doing a lot of running. Walking's another story - I can keep going mile after mile :)

I think it's a little unfortunate that SP puts SO much emphasis on running and marathons and races but doesn't talk as much about swimming, cycling or other low impact activities. Running and jogging ARE great but they do take a huge toll on joints, unfortunately.

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9/17/12 2:24 P

Ran my first 10K (in Kenya) when I was just over 50.

Since then I've run about two more 10Ks, at least 1 5K, and two half-marathons.

Been goofing off pretty much on my running! But I'll be back there again...

BUFFEDSTUFF-- Posts: 2,520
9/15/12 4:59 P

Update: I ran my first marathon at 50 my second marathon at 51 ( this year) so stay active stay strong and show the youngsters how it is done emoticon

STRETCH2011 Posts: 235
9/15/12 2:30 P

I am 58 and completed my first 5k in May for Breast Cancer. Today, I completed my second - a 5K walk for Healthy Heart. I am working to increase my speed by moving to a walk/run. I am planning on one 5k per month through the end of the year. What a great way to stay motivated, get outdoors, help good causes and have some fun! emoticon

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5/16/12 6:05 A

I have walked a few, my first was at age 51. They are fun and rewarding!

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5/15/12 10:29 P

Twice I've walked, but not run. I was over 60 the first time, and 70 the second. I am not supposed to run because I have a knee replacement.

Now I'm giving serious though to train for a 25K hike. If I do this, I will be 71 at that time.

5/15/12 9:46 P

I have run some 5ks and a 10k but it was several years ago. I have never been a consistent runner unless I was training for a race or when I was in the Marine Corps. I have the bug again but now I'm dealing with some cranky knees (I'm 54). Any suggestions for easing some of that discomfort would be greatly appreciated.

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5/12/12 8:46 P

Hi... I ran my first 5K today..... I won't say it was easy.... but I will say it was rewarding.... still really excited that I actually finished.... I'm 52 years old.... and have only been training or trying to run, I should say.... since January.... I hope that somehow my journey will be a encouragement.... emoticon

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1/27/12 10:19 P

Great post, congratulations! emoticon

1/27/12 10:16 P

I am starting on couch potato to 5K. Today was fun. I have high cholesterol and I hope this helps lower it. emoticon

LINDAHALE1955 Posts: 14
7/5/11 2:07 P

i found good lower priced iPod Nano with Nike+ Sport kit through eBay -- i am an eBay positive buyer ! i hunt for good deals like many folks do at garage sales -- but i can do it online, inside and know that whatever 'deal' i miss, i can find another because i am willing to take my time.

i walk. i walk with knee supports and belt braces around my waist/upper back. i have nordic walking sticks that help with balance and give me resistance weight while walking.

my aim is to do 5 miles a day. walking and fast walking.

TEDCABEL SparkPoints: (133,756)
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5/31/11 12:28 A

Hi... May I make a suggestion? Set a mileage goal for yourself (1.8 mi. for example) and FAITHFULLY walk/run for 2-3 weeks... At the end of that time, make an assessment as to whether you're comfortable with that distance or not... If so, Increase the mileage goal, and repeat... Your lung capacity should increase as you keep working to increase mileage, just don't get too anxious about increasing mileage until you're comfortable with what you're currently working on... Hope this helps, Blessings, Ted emoticon emoticon

5/30/11 7:26 P

Well my goal for 2011-12 is to be able to walk a 5k. This is really a long term thing, I have been chair riden the last 3 months from simvastin and am just now able to walk short distances without a cane. I have been working on walking around the grocery store, home depot and walmart and target with the use of a cart. This week was great I didn't have to use my cane and sit down. So. I am going to start using the treadmill till I am more stable on my feet.

HILLRUNNER SparkPoints: (125,277)
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5/30/11 6:07 P

To answer your questions about strengthening your lungs.. it's lung capacity that you are aiming for. To build up your stamina it means a bit of pushing yourself. It's consistency, perserverence and a blow build up to longer intervals on a regular basis.
Give yourself time, but also be consisent.
Just some background on myself. I'm 59 started running 7 years ago and did my first half marathon 6 years ago, my first full marathon 5 years ago and just completed my 9th marathon... and I'm getting faster! No I was never an athlete but evolved into one. More information on my sparkpage.
All the best to you Cassopia!

CASSOPIA Posts: 12
5/30/11 1:34 P

Hi Fellow over 50's :) , I am 56 and have never been very active. Didn't like to sweat. Decided to reinvent myself after being empty nested and ending a toxic relationship. Went back to school to enhance my degree, dating (woo-Hoo) and getting more physically active. Been toying with the idea of running for some time. Bought the running gear and joined the couch to 5k and rookie runner plans. Am frustrated though by my LACK OF LUNG ENDURANCE! Today took a stopwatch with me. Walked 2 min. than ran 3 min. Getting to the 3 min. was a challenge. Did well first 1.8 miles, rested at a friends house for 1/2 hour, than started back. Could not do as well on the way back. Found myself cking the watch @ 1.5 minutes. Any tips on strengthening the lungs. I try to watch my form and breathing. Thanks a bunch!! and GO ACTIVE!! Sandy

MAXTONIO Posts: 87
5/5/11 10:23 A

On New Year's Day, my younger sister of 8 years asked, "Do you think we can do a 5K?" I have never run a day in my life (unless it was for the ice cream truck!) thought about it and said Yes! I started the C25K training in mid-January, broke my wrist in February, and kept up with the training. On April 17, my sister and I ran our first 5K with a time of 36:18. Last Sunday, I ran my second 5K and finished 197th out of 243 and with a time of 35:38. I am 55 years old and have never felt better in my life! emoticon

SEANSMOM31 SparkPoints: (0)
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4/25/11 8:51 P

MY 5k Fallen Heroes May 14. COMING did two 2.5ml 33:33/35:30 My goal in 18DAYS IS UNDER 38/5K oH BY THE WAY i AM 64YRS. OLD

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4/25/11 5:19 P

WOW! I'm impressed! I just joined this site. I am 50 yrs old and last summet while laying on the beach my daughter says to me "Mom, why don't you run the 5K next May?" My reply was "Are your CRAZY? I have never even ran one mile in my life!" Well in Jan. I started walking. It started out with one mile, then two miles, then three miles. Then one day I decided to try to run. I did one lap (16 laps amke a mile), I thought I would die, haha. Well then I prayed, Lord let me make 4 laps, and I did! Finally in March I made 16 laps! I have decided to take my daughter's challenge and run my first 5K. I pray that I am able to run the entire 5K. i have not told my daughter that I have signed up to to do this, it's up to her friend to get her to the race. Wish me luck!

LBEEBE37 SparkPoints: (0)
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4/25/11 5:17 P

I just joined this site. I am 50 yrs old and last summer while laying on the beach my daughter says to me "Mom, why don't you run the 5K next May?" My reply was "Are your CRAZY? I have never even ran one mile in my life!" Well in Jan. I started walking. It started out with one mile, then two miles, then three miles. Then one day I decided to try to run. I did one lap (16 laps make a mile), I thought I would die, haha. Well then I prayed, Lord let me make 4 laps, and I did! Finally in March I made 16 laps! I have decided to take my daughter's challenge and run my first 5K. I pray that I am able to run the entire 5K. i have not told my daughter that I have signed up to to do this, it's up to her friend to get her to the race. Wish me luck!

TEDCABEL SparkPoints: (133,756)
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3/22/11 11:17 P

Doing 5k my way right now, scheduled to run my very first 5k in May, at 65 yrs. old...

IASOMG SparkPoints: (0)
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3/22/11 9:01 P

In feb i ran the princess 5k at disney with both of my daughters, it was a great feeling to achieve a goal and now i am training for the half marathon next year,can hardly wait.

MDWEBNECK Posts: 242
3/21/11 9:17 A

If you have never run at all in your life, i would say that it would probably take at least 5 months to train to truly RUN a 5K, to do it without hurting yourself.
If you just want to jog or walk your first 5K, but still have never walked or jogged that far before, I would estimate it to be about 3 months.

DOINFINE Posts: 2,704
3/19/11 6:29 P

I signed up for my first 5K on Friday at the ripe old age of 53! I've been training with Spark People Rookie Running Team. I'm in week 4 and going great guns. I'm really looking forward to doing something I never thought possible!

DONHOFIVE SparkPoints: (5,368)
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3/19/11 3:18 P

I was wondering how long it take's to train for a 5k?

BETHHRSN SparkPoints: (50,096)
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Posts: 1,280
3/14/11 1:55 P

good job! and since you just started you should continue improving for several years. Me, my best runs have come and gone...sigh

SCORPIA112253 Posts: 31
3/14/11 1:49 P

i did it! i didnt like running the portion on asphalt, but the part on the boardwalk, i got into a comfortable rhythm. ended up surprising myself - clocked in at 35:13. 8th of 14 in my age/gender.
now i am hooked -- am looking for more 5K's to sign up for!

SMILESRME SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (51,263)
Posts: 1,026
3/14/11 12:55 P

Woo Hoo! Isn't it great to be over 50 and achieve things we never thought possible? Love it!

I have done various 5k's over the years, but last year, at age 51, decided to 'up' my challenge and train for a half marathon. I actually completed two of them! No matter if you do a 5k or longer, it's an accomplishment you will never forget when you cross that finish line!

We rock folks!
Julia : )

BASSCHICK1 Posts: 34
3/13/11 12:08 P

Wow...this thread is very inspirational!
I turned 51 this year and my goal is to run a 5K by the end of the year. We have one called the Monster Dash at the end of October that I would love to do! Only fast walking now, but have confidence I can do this.
Kudos to all of you!

JOAN_HEO Posts: 3,145
3/13/11 11:20 A

Incredible!!!! Fantastic work!!! You should be VERY proud!!

HIKER521 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (650)
Posts: 5
3/13/11 11:07 A

I ran my first 5k yesterday at 51. Final time was 37 minutes. I'm pretty proud of myself! emoticon

JOAN_HEO Posts: 3,145
3/9/11 1:56 P

I did C25K starting in November and will do the virtual 5K in April. I tried to find a race during that week but haven't managed to find one yet. I can run 5K at 61 and so can YOU! Don't let age stop you from running.

SCORPIA112253 Posts: 31
3/9/11 1:07 P

signed up for my first 5K at age 57-- this Saturday. i'm a little nervous!

MABEAZ Posts: 396
3/8/11 6:01 P

Planning my first 5K in 30 years for the virtual Sparks 5K in April.

CFMOSS Posts: 7,705
3/8/11 4:41 P

I ran my first real 5K when i was 49 and then when i was 50 i placed first in my age category....of course there wasn't a really big field....i do best when i have my daughter around to encourage can do can do it. but the one when i was 50 i did on my own emoticon

MULEDOGGIE SparkPoints: (82,780)
Fitness Minutes: (77,040)
Posts: 1,362
3/8/11 2:31 P

I had the same attitude about my first 5k last Nov.: just try and run it all if I can. It worked out well because I didn't feel pressured to run it all.


HIKER521 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (650)
Posts: 5
3/8/11 2:18 P

I'm running my first 5k this Saturday and I'm 51. Hoping I can run the whole race and not have to walk any of it, but even if I do have to walk some, I'm still fulfilling a dream of mine!

MULEDOGGIE SparkPoints: (82,780)
Fitness Minutes: (77,040)
Posts: 1,362
2/23/11 7:11 A

Wow! Such cool stories! Very encouraging!


2/23/11 12:12 A

I turned 50 in July, 2008 and ran my first 5K that November. It was an awesome feeling!

BUFFEDSTUFF-- Posts: 2,520
2/22/11 9:29 P

I ran my first 5k, first and second half marathon at 49..and in 32 days I will run my first marathon at 50 cool is that before I turn 53...I will compete in the my first triathlon, G-d willing. Growing older rocks you can achieve virturally anything because you are well over the hang ups of failing and what other people think it frees you to unleash all your potential. Good luck all enjoy


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HGSGUY SparkPoints: (177,283)
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2/22/11 8:53 A

I routinely walk 5k for lunch exercise (when the weather is not too bad). I run my first 5K in April!

GABSTER26 Posts: 22,561
2/21/11 6:10 A

not run but walked my very first 5 K walkathon...raised money for MS.....the day was fantastic.

I trained for it - started walking in earnest in March.....and surprised myself by completing it in under an hour....

felt fantastic. have been walking ever since. My daughter and I will be doing the same walk this year...

2/19/11 10:39 P

Me too! Ran my first 5k at 51, last May2010. Will be running my second 5k this April 2011 as a 52 yr old!

DOINFINE Posts: 2,704
2/19/11 4:23 P

I just joined the Spark Team for Rookie Runners. I've never been a runner but I am willing to learn, at 53!
I'm just going to follow their workouts and see what happens!

TATTER3 SparkPoints: (318,447)
Fitness Minutes: (177,669)
Posts: 14,832
2/19/11 7:15 A

The last thing I will do at age 58 is walk a 5K. Have never had the experience and am so glad to get the opportunity on Feb 26. I turn 59 on the 27 and hope to join several programs during the next 12 months.

WALLYS2 Posts: 13
2/18/11 7:29 P

I ran my first 5k at 51 last year, like it and did one more before the year was out. just sign up to do the virtual race in April. Better start training.

INDIANANUT SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (205)
Posts: 13
2/18/11 6:33 P

I am new to this site. I am 60 and for the first time ever I walked 20 miles in 6 hrs last Sept. for St. Vincent Hosp. Breast Cancer Foundation in Indianapolis. I have now decided to walk in the Indy 500 Mini-Marathon which is a half marathon. I am doing 3 training walks before the big day in May. I just did a 5K Sat.Feb 12th and my pace was 15.36/mile. I have to be able to maintain an 18/mile pace. In the process of doing this training, I will be getting healthy and get the weight off with the help of the advice and support of everyone on this site.

MABEAZ Posts: 396
2/18/11 6:01 P

emoticon Just signed up for my first 5K. Gonna do the Sparks virtual race! Start training tomorrow. I'm excited. This will be my first in over 30 years. Yup ... I'm 50.

MULEDOGGIE SparkPoints: (82,780)
Fitness Minutes: (77,040)
Posts: 1,362
2/18/11 1:07 P

I ran my first 5k at 51 and am running in 10k April 9th at 52.

Let's hear it for us old guys!!! emoticon

Jeff emoticon

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