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5/7/14 8:32 P

Thank you, Coach Jen and Zorbs!

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5/7/14 7:24 P

I would also go visit a physiotherapist for treatment.

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5/7/14 6:35 P


I totally agree with ARCHIMEDESII. You won't lose any endurance by taking at least a few days off, and it's better to rest at this point than push through the pain and make things worse.

Good luck!

Coach Jen

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5/7/14 4:34 P

Thank you for the advice and also for the reassurance that I won't hurt my training by taking a few days off. I have trouble with that. I worry so much that I'll somehow lose my ability if I take any time off. I think that's from being inexperienced and also unsure of myself. I will take a few rest days and not risk injury. I really want to run the's on my 50th birthday and means a lot to me.

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5/7/14 4:24 P

Hi, Beth !

If you plan on being able to run a half marathon on May 18th, I would suggest taking a few days off now. You will not derail any of your efforts at a good race if you rest that injury for 2-3 or maybe 4 days.

Here's the problem. You can try to run with the soreness, but you risk making the injury worse if you do. You should already be heading into your taper. So, now is a good time to cut back. If you rest it a few days, you should be okay for the race. If you don't, you might not be able to do the race at all.

I would honestly lay off of any exercise, just rest and see how it feels. Also, don't assume it's okay 3-4 days from now. Some injuries are like that. Rest a few days and the minute you run, it flares up. Really it give time to heal so that you are able to run in the half.

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5/7/14 3:48 P

I have a half marathon on May 18th, so about a week and a half from now. I'm new at this. On Sunday, I ran about 13.5 miles at a fast (for me) pace as a race day simulation. On Monday, I ran about 8 miles at a slower pace. I am used to those distances, though maybe not back to back. Yesterday, I didn't run because I went to move my daughter home from college. At some point yesterday, my right leg started to bother me. At first I thought it was soreness in the quad. That's how it feels when I walk--sore and stiff. I later pinpointed the pain to a very specific spot closer to my hip. It's at the side of the thigh near the front approximately where the femur would meet the pelvis, I think. It's definitely sore to pressure there. Even though I feel it as quad soreness when I walk, the quad is not sensitive at all to pressure. It seems to be worse when first walking after sitting for a while and then it gets a little better. I don't have pain around the knee. I have not tried running on it yet. It's not bothered by squats or lunges. I definitely feel it if I swing my leg across my body. It doesn't hurt with the regular quad or hamstring or hip stretches that I do. It hurts getting into a cross-legged sitting position but not once I'm there.

Any tips? Should I try some light running or rest it another day or two?

I will admit that I didn't stretch as well as I normally do after the last two runs, but I did cool down and stretch some.

I'm posting from my phone, so I hope that there aren't typos that make this too unreadable.

Thanks for any advice that you can give me!

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