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Ruined My Goal Weight

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3/10/13 3:52 P

I agree...Well, said!

Posts: 2,264
3/10/13 11:33 A

Well said VSplash!! You have it together!!

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3/10/13 12:28 A

Weight loss is not a race it is a journey. This is part of your journey. I think you may have been excited that you accomplished a particular goal that you decided to celebrate with food. Perhaps, I am not too sure. That does sound like something I used to do when I was on Weight Watchers. Whenever I weighed in and lost I would celebrate with my favourite foods. The weight number is not the destination. It is the development of healthy habits that is the most important. That is what is the true test of your efforts. Developing healthy habits overtime will help you to celebrate your accomplishments in healthy ways that will not sabotage your overall success. Maybe it would be a great idea to do a search on maintenance when reaching your goals. Perhaps also searching for people who have successfully reached their goals and maintained it over a few years. Ask them questions. Overall don't stress. If you fall, get back up again and do what you did before to effectively lose the weight. Hope that helps.

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3/9/13 6:42 P


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3/9/13 5:59 P

I know you will do great! emoticon

Posts: 1,020
3/9/13 8:51 A

People do gain back all their weight if they do not stay on program, but you won't do this because you are getting back on track. As all the others posters said, you can't ruin your goal by just 2 days of off eating.

Take that first step back to good eating. Lean protein, greens. Make it simple. Buy things that are easy to prepare but still healthy. Canned tuna can be a go to food, if you are not vegetarian. Tuna on a green salad is a fast and nutritious meal. that anyone can make in a jiffy.

If you are boiling eggs, make a few extra to have on hand for snacking.

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3/9/13 8:23 A

Don't be so hard on yourself. Concentrate on the positives and remember I great you felt hitting your goal. Get back on track today and be sure to drink your water. You're doing great and all is not lost. Just asking for encouragement tells me you took your first step in getting back on track. emoticon emoticon

Posts: 2,264
3/9/13 4:42 A

hang in there...You are just having a down day!! you will be fine..Get back on track your very next meal!! You might just be experiencing new baby stress! I bet you look fantastic..and you just had a baby!!!!!

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3/8/13 11:48 P

emoticon emoticon emoticon

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3/8/13 10:48 P

You are doing the right thing commenting on the board. A couple of days won't hurt you. You have done so well and we are here to help support each other.

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3/8/13 7:02 P

"I am totally ruining myself and going to gain everything back because I have not been doing well for two days."

How long did it take you to get to your goal? Do you seriously think you can ruin it in two days? Pick yourself back up, shake it off, and go back to the routine that works for you. It's that easy (and also that hard). Your next meal, the next minute is a chance to do better.

Don't panic. You got this. Health is not a destination. It's a constant journey.

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3/8/13 5:55 A

Congratulations on your new little baby - I used to absolute LOVE it when mine were tiny - they kinda grew up tho! - both are in their 30's.

IF you are breastfeeding, then please don't try to lose any more weight - it is actually great as it is. Your body will need (I think if I remember correctly) 500 calories on top of your normal needs to sustain lactation.

Also, you have NOT ruined your goal weight at all. The fact that you are AT goal, and so soon after giving birth is really surprising. The occasional blip will certainly not do any harm. We all have them. In fact, I have been at goal for a very long time, and I have these blips regularly - I generally plan for them once a week - sometimes a bit closer, and sometimes further apart. When I was in weight-loss mode, it was once in two weeks I indulged. It still got me to my goal and without starving myself or doing excessive work-outs. In fact, mostly the only exercise I do is putting my groceries and laundry away one at a time.

Take care,


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3/7/13 10:12 P


Hang in there...a few days will not undo all your hard work, unless you allow your perfection to get in the way of your progress. Remember too that our weight is not a static number--in fact it can vary by as much as 7 pounds in the course of a single day, this is why instead of having a target weight you may want to consider having a target range +/- 2 pounds for this fluctuations. You are doing just fine.

Coach Nancy

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3/7/13 9:14 P

First of all, you're not "ruining" yourself by having two off days. Cut out the all-or-nothing thinking, it won't help you in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Your day doesn't need to be all good or all bad - you can overeat but still get your exercise in, or skip your workout but watch your calories, or even have a day or two where you overeat AND skip your workout, and the sky isn't going to come falling down on you. To gain a single pound, you need to eat 3500 extra calories. That means, to gain back *all* of your weight (according to your ticker) you'd need to eat approximately 35,000 - that's THIRTY FIVE THOUSAND - extra calories. Unless you have a serious problem with binge eating (in which case, consult a doctor who specializes in the treatment of eating disorders ASAP), there's no way on earth you're going to eat 35,000 extra calories this weekend.

As for how to stay at goal, have you changed your Spark settings to maintenance mode? If your settings are still set on weight-loss mode, you're not eating enough to maintain your current weight, and not eating enough could be causing you to feel overly hungry and leading you to want to eat garbage. See if adjusting your settings and calorie range helps.

Lastly, you mentioned you have a 10-week old baby - if you happen to be breastfeeding, your body actually needs a bunch of extra calories to support the baby, so you could be seriously undereating (which, again, can be a trigger for overeating on junk).

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3/7/13 8:09 P

As that guy said in that commercial from way back when, "I can't believe I ate the whole thing." I literally hit my goal weight two days ago, and since then I have been eating such garbage! I know I have not been tracking.... it has been really stressful since I only had my baby 10 weeks ago! But I have been doing super super great with both eating and exercise. Now I am worried I am totally ruining myself and going to gain everything back because I have not been doing well for two days. Plus the weekend is coming up.... help! Need encouragement and affirmation that I can stay at goal weight!

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