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Ruined My Goal Weight

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3/8/13 8:27 A

You just had a baby 10 weeks ago....cut yourself some slack---you haven't "ruined" anything. Are you breastfeeding? If so, make sure you're getting enough calories to keep your supply going. If not, it could well be hormone adjustment going on.

As others have said, just dust yourself off and get back on track. Get back to tracking everything--the good, bad and ugly. It always helps me to see it in black and white---I can't ignore what's right there in front of me.

Posts: 3,378
3/8/13 8:08 A

When we hit maintenance, it is suggested that our maintenance range be goal weight, plus or minus 5 pounds. So a couple pounds still puts you in maintenance range. No big deal.

The thing is to get back on track before it becomes a total downhill slide. I knew all along, the whole time I was losing the weight, that maintenance was going to be the real test for me. I've lost a ton (probably, literally!) of weight over the years, but always put it all (plus more) back on. I've been in maintenance for a while now, and yes indeed there have been some "ups", but never more than that 5 pound allowance. And I got rid of all my larger clothes, as extra incentive to not put the weight back on. If I gain more than a few pounds, I will literally have nothing to wear!

So really, no you have "ruined" your goal weight. You've been successful losing the weight-- YAY!! Go YOU!! -- and now you're just learning how to maintain.

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Posts: 263
3/8/13 6:41 A

I agree with everyone else. Life happens. You have set-backs and road-blocks, but those don't completely undo all the good that you've done! You've made phenomenal progress, and you WILL maintain that. You caught yourself, and you asked for support. That's HUGE.

Maintainence IS hard. I lost over 100 pounds back in 2006/2007...and I'm still here. Still tracking (and still getting off track at times). Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and GET BACK ON TRACK! That is the key!

Posts: 996
3/8/13 5:00 A

No problem. Just get back on the road to health

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Posts: 1,144
3/8/13 1:04 A

It sounds like you have done an amazing job so far! Huge props for that. It also sounds like life is happening. I know this may seem so defeating, but I think it's just a part of life. I know that if I go to a party or even out for dinner, I'll do my best, but I will also allow myself to indulge a bit. For instance, I don't usually have sweets. If I am celebrating with someone I will have a piece of cake. I may also have a few other things I probably "shouldn't", but I know within a day or two I can get back on track and continue to be successful. You can do the same. Get back to tracking and before you know it you'll be back to where you want to be.


Posts: 542
3/7/13 10:10 P

You can do this!

First, give yourself tons of credit--you reached your goal weight--your baby is really little yet--you're still here and want to keep up the loss you've had so far!


It sounds like you lost the weight by following a healthy plan of tracking plus exercise. That's good, too. You know what to do and what not to do. Now you just need to implement what you know works.

In two days, you're not going to un-do all the good which you've done, but you know that you don't want to continue on that path. Take a breath and get back on the wagon. We're all here for you.

As a side note, I do know how hard it is to maintain weight loss, at least for me. I'm still counting calories a couple years later and I have to get exercise or the weight creeps back up. If you're at maintenance, maybe you should check out the At Goal and Maintaining SparkTeam. It's a pretty active team and there are challenges that might be motivational for you.

We're in this together! Take care and good luck on your journey! emoticon

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Posts: 200
3/7/13 10:01 P

As that guy said in that commercial from way back when, "I can't believe I ate the whole thing." I literally hit my goal weight two days ago, and since then I have been eating such garbage! I know I have not been tracking.... it has been really stressful since I only had my baby 10 weeks ago! But I have been doing super super great with both eating and exercise. Now I am worried I am totally ruining myself and going to gain everything back because I have not been doing well for two days. Plus the weekend is coming up.... help! Need encouragement and affirmation that I can stay at goal weight!

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