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Ruben Studdard on biggest loser....

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SparkPoints: (63,159)
Fitness Minutes: (60,750)
Posts: 1,468
7/4/13 12:21 P

I've met him in person and he's a very humble teddy bear. Very kind. I wish him the best.

SparkPoints: (28,855)
Fitness Minutes: (28,156)
Posts: 1,979
7/4/13 11:52 A

Thanks for sharing this!
Haven't watched in a while...will have to take a look now.
I wish him all the success!

Posts: 1,081
7/4/13 11:06 A

Well it only happens to the best of them...

Posts: 13,226
7/4/13 8:26 A

does anybody know when the next season starts? I suppose I could go look it up lol

Posts: 2,074
7/3/13 11:26 A

I love his singing. I don't watch the biggest loser, but I give anyone credit for trying to be a healthier person. Hopefully, he can influence any of his overweight fans to do the same. Go Ruben!

SparkPoints: (15,703)
Fitness Minutes: (6,082)
Posts: 504
7/2/13 10:47 P

Good for him for taking the first step to a healthier life.

SparkPoints: (2,121)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 306
7/2/13 10:41 P

I bet this re-charges his career. I'm sure this is one reason he decided to do it this way instead of getting a personal trainer. A win win situation. I'll be watching till Jillian starts screaming and then I turn it off.

SparkPoints: (99,198)
Fitness Minutes: (75,820)
Posts: 2,932
7/2/13 2:34 P

Wow think I will check it out to see how he copes. Love his voice.

SparkPoints: (3,883)
Fitness Minutes: (4,907)
Posts: 150
7/2/13 12:43 P

I wish him much success.

Posts: 3,575
7/2/13 10:29 A

Good for Rueben having his moment of truth, I rarely watch The Biggest Loser since Jillian's personality grates me big time. I do like Bob Harper though so I hope he gets Bob as a trainer if he is motivated by Bob's style~

SparkPoints: (50,942)
Fitness Minutes: (37,832)
Posts: 3,268
7/1/13 11:44 P

I will have to check out the show. I have not watched in a while.

Posts: 6,084
7/1/13 11:21 P

How cool the velvet teddy bear will be on Biggest Loser. Love that show. I hope the best for him.

Posts: 3,360
7/1/13 11:14 P

That's great!

Posts: 10,208
7/1/13 10:34 P

Best wishes

Posts: 1,754
7/1/13 10:20 P

All the best to him.

SparkPoints: (151,313)
Fitness Minutes: (152,149)
Posts: 9,954
7/1/13 8:09 P

Hopefully, he'll have success and develop new habits to keep it off. Best of luck to him.

SparkPoints: (17,027)
Fitness Minutes: (15,546)
Posts: 307
7/1/13 7:47 P

I wish I watched it

SparkPoints: (214,891)
Fitness Minutes: (193,000)
Posts: 6,749
7/1/13 7:25 P

Definitely good luck to Ruben.

SparkPoints: (267,752)
Fitness Minutes: (185,984)
Posts: 20,149
7/1/13 4:15 P

I love to hear him sing. I know that he had last some weight at one time. I will be watching, I've watched the show since season one.

Posts: 5,853
7/1/13 2:44 P

I just saw that Ruben season 2 winner of American Idol will be on the biggest loser, I'm happy for him for making this decision. He's a big man with a kind heart and I'd love to see him get the help he needs.
I haven't been watching the show, but I'll definitely watch and support him, good luck Ruben!

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