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3/4/13 11:46 A

You should check out those reviews yourself. Sometimes the complaint is something that is not important to you. But I also would caution spending good money on something with bad reviews.

I too use "odds and ends" cookware. My favorite pieces are from Marshall's (TJ Maxx). I have a Wolfgang Puck large chicken fryer with lid that goes in the oven. It is stainless and is Not nonstick but cleans up better than nonstick. My two skillets are Kitchen Aid ceramic non stick in medium and small size. (They were $10 each) I also have a big stock pot from Marshalls because I make lots of soup.


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3/4/13 11:11 A

I'm a pretty big foodie and cooking fanatic who is somewhat knowledgeable about cookware, and I've never heard of Royal Prestige.

I never advocate for buying "sets", because most of the time, you only end up using a few pieces from them, when other ones just sit taking up space in the cabinet. My cookware at home is a mishmash of different brands. My favorite 12" heavy non-stick skillet is actually from Ikea, and cost $25....I use it almost daily. It has a nice heavy bottom and strong metal handle, which is what you want in a skillet. I also use a Lodge 12" cast iron skillet, and I have 2 5 qt large glass lidded pots for making large one pot meals with rice or pasta. One is a cheapo one my SO had, and it's not that great but it works fine for making pasta, and the other is a heavier stainless steel that can also go in the oven, it is Chantal brand that I purchased at Home Goods for around $40. I also have a couple smaller cheapo non-stick saucepans that I just to heat up sauce or make smaller amounts of pasta or rice, a small enameled cast iron casserole that works for small braised dishes, a really nice stainless steel Calphalon with a lid that can go in the oven, a cheap Kitchen-Aid smaller non-stick that I use to make pancakes or eggs, and a big enameled metal stock pot that I use every so often when I make cheese or am blanching vegetables to prep them for freezing.

When I get married I plan on registering for All-Clad cookware, not a set, but the pieces I think I will use. It is regarded as one of the best sets in terms of quality, longevity, and usability, but it is not cheap. I also want a Le Creuset enameled cast iron dutch oven. It's $260 though so I hope a generous family member will come through haha.

I would check out stores like HomeGoods or TJMaxx and just piece together what you want for the kind of cooking you like to do. Also, I have heard great things about the Tramontina stainless Tri-Ply cookware that is sold at Wal-Mart. It has performed well in lots of tests. I think a set (if you wanted to go that route) is around $200.

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CMCOLE Posts: 2,667
3/4/13 9:54 A

I have a set of Lagostina that we got over 20 years ago that is still going strong.

I don't have any real knowledge of that particular brand.

However, you can get sets of cookware at Canadian Tire and other large discount stores that would do the job that you need done, as others have said

MISSRUTH Posts: 4,267
3/4/13 8:05 A

It's my understanding that this cookware is sold through home parties, like tupperware or pampered chef. I don't have any Royal Prestige. I do own a bunch of Pampered Chef. And the stuff is nice (the actual stoneware pieces, not all the bazillion overpriced accessories).... but it was expensive. I got most of what I have, by hosting a party. You get a lot of discounts that way.

If it's got a lot of bad reviews online, I'd avoid it like the plague. My everyday cookware (pots and pans) was a fairly inexpensive set recommended by Consumer Reports years ago. I've had them almost 20 years, and they are still just fine. Let me say that I cook every single day and they've gotten a LOT of use.

I recently bought a 3 quart saucepan at Kohl's, their Kitchen a la carte line. I don't think they do sets of the a la carte, you just buy the pieces you want. It was on sale for 15 bucks. I love it! So really I don't think you need to spend a lot of money to get some good, serviceable stuff that'll last you years.

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3/4/13 4:25 A

I don't know that particular brand but I've never seen the point in expensive cookware.

Just buy medium quality from K-Mart. Sure they might not last as long, but if you look after them they certainly can last, and with the difference in price you can buy several before you're up to the cost of some expensive cookware!

Also, if you break it or lose it, it's less of a loss if you only have to buy another $20 item. :)

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3/4/13 1:52 A

I was curious if any one owned this cook ware? My BF and I went to the home and garden show this weekend and saw a demonstration of this cookware. We were totally impressed but did not buy it because of the price. But we have been thinking we want to save up to get some pieces next year at the home and garden show.

Well My Bf just did a Google search for reviews and we saw a lot of bad reviews obviously I did not read them all but thought I would post something on here.

Any reviews or advice on this product would be great thank you!!!


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