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Rowing machine action with resistance bands?

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Posts: 1,975
7/11/13 11:07 A

SLYSAM-- that's a GREAT IDEA!!!!! Thank you!!

Posts: 6,412
7/10/13 2:12 P

I have no idea how Spark classifies the exercise but when I was getting my training as a personal trainer rowing was taught as a strength and coordination exercise, not cardio.

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Posts: 1,471
7/10/13 1:50 P

Here is something I tried though it is boring so I can't imagine doing it for long unless you are watching tv or something. But I have used this method on occasion. I don't know if I invented it, but I haven't yet heard of anyone else doing this.. Though, I would personally rather dance for cardio (which I do as I also dance and perform dance though I don't do longer shows like you)!

Anyway sometimes when I want something low impact at home I loop a resistance band around the foot of my sofa or coffee table. Then I sit on two furniture sliders and do the same motions as a rowing machine. These are the sliders I use:

These sliders are just like more expensive "gliding disks" called Valslides other than the color and price (and they come in a set of four). There are actually a lot of interesting exercises for core and balance that can incorporate these and some good cardio options. When I travel, I bring a pair of sliders, a resistance band and jump rope for a very small travel gym that fits in my carryon or even a purse. So if you search youtube or google you might see a lot of options using the gliders in case you don't like it as a rowing substitute.

Posts: 1,975
7/9/13 11:45 P

Sergentmajor -- I'm a dancer by trade, and in the upcoming show I have nearly 45 minutes of almost continual dancing. Cardiorespiratory endurance is also a big issue for us. I don't know anything about a fat burning secret, but I've been doing 6 or 7 days of some kind of cardio for about 25 years and haven't seen any negative consequences. YMMV.

But also I'm currently training for a half marathon on Oct. and a full one in March. That's why I'm looking for a complementary cardio program.

Posts: 6,412
7/9/13 11:17 P

Why are you doing so much cardio? There is no necessity to do more than two or perhaps three cardio workouts a week unless you are training for an endurance event. Cardio is unfortunately vastly overrated and overused due to the urban myth about it being some form of fat burning secret. I discourage my clients from doing an excess of cardio since the current research tends to negate the value of large amounts of cardio and it may also indicate some potential for long tern negative consequences.

Posts: 1,975
7/9/13 10:55 P

I already have a good strength training program, but what I'm looking for is a cardio routine for days when I'm not also running. I used to work out in college and I'd alternate days between the treadmill and the rower, and I remember it being a great cardio workout. I thought rowing would be the ideal non-impact workout.

I might look into making something, but I'll also check the classifieds. Thanks!!

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Posts: 234
7/9/13 4:32 P

Now THAT's an interesting idea... I'm sure you could do something similar! Resistance bands are extremely versatile.

Posts: 6,412
7/9/13 4:06 P

In that strength training is more important and effective for fat lass than cardio I suggest you use the resistance bands for a comprehensive full body and compound movement strength training programme/

SparkPoints: (9,098)
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Posts: 2,060
7/9/13 3:10 P

I bet you could find a rowing machine for cheap on either craigslist or fitcycle. I do horizontal rows with a resistance band for strength training...maybe that's what you saw? I can visualize a way of building your own rowing machine with resistance bands and a skateboard.

Posts: 1,975
7/9/13 11:45 A

I was looking for the inexpensive home gym rough-equivalent of a rowing machine, and I was wondering if you could get most of the benefits of a rowing machine just by using resistance bands? I know there was a bootcamp video on Spark that demonstrated something that LOOKED like rowing exercises using a band. Would this be an effective means of cardio for those running "rest" days when you are advised against doing impact work?

I'm looking to keep up my cardio for non-running days (trying to minimize knee issues) and I don't think yoga is going to be enough. Would rowing with resistance bands work?

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