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SEE YOUR DOCTOR... I didn't; now I'm going to have surgery. That will slow me down for far longer, with a much less reliable outcome than if I had done the smart thing at the get-go and had the tests when I first noticed the problem...yes. They are expensive (my deductible on the MRI was $100.00) but if I had had that done, I might have been able to have only physical therapy; I wouldn't now be facing up to a YEAR off exercise--and for me, worse--playing violin while I heal from very expensive, and tricky, surgery.

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Definetly get your rotator cuff checked to make sure there isn't a tear or anything major. If your MD gives your rehab exercises...please do them. My mom had a two torn cuffs (injuries from a fall). She had the first one operated on; however, she didn't do the exercises continously even years after the surgery...needless to say she still has some problems with the arm. For the 2nd cuff, they were not aware there was a tear in that one, it healed on its own incorrectly and now she has very limited range of motion.

Please take care of yourself.

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It is very easy to injure the rotator cuff and fairly difficult to heal. I hurt mine back in May and it is JUST starting to feel decent now.

I would lay off all upper body work and get in to see a physiotherapist ASAP. Your regular doctor will probably prescribe anti inflammatories and tell you to stop exercising (which could be months), but a PT will use different modalities to actually try to heal the injury.

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I have a rotator cuff injury in my right shoulder and it is getting worse day by day, and I'm concerned about which exercises I should not do.

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