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Posts: 124
2/28/12 11:59 A

the drama has ONLY gotten worse -_- I blogged about it, but I'm having a hard time staying on track this week. two weeks in a row of drama :(

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Posts: 262
2/28/12 7:50 A

Why is it that when you're trying to lose weight and get healthy, there's ALWAYS something to jump in the way? You took a great attitude towards your friend with the gambling problem and the "friend" that's running her mouth about you. Just remember, YOU ARE WORTH IT!!!!!

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2/26/12 8:05 P

Congrats on the 2 pounds down, forever. It is easy for other people to make comments that might be hurtful but hey, just keep on keeping on and you will be amazed at what you can achieve. In the end it is only you who can make the difference. emoticon

Posts: 124
2/26/12 7:55 P

thank you :) I admit there was twice this week where I said "forget this!" but then I didn't "forget it" LoL. I stayed on course :) and it was worth it, my target is 3 pounds a week until I get into the 200s but, 2 is also a big win :)

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Posts: 1,274
2/26/12 7:38 P

On top of being super proud that you lost two pounds you should be very proud that with all that stress you were able to be good the entire time!!! Good for you!

Posts: 124
2/26/12 3:38 P

thanks! I'm feeling good :D

Posts: 3,800
2/26/12 3:27 P

Sorry about the drama and lack of support -but you know you've got tons of support here - so congrats on the 2 lb loss AND keeping your focus on the end goal during everyone else's dramatic moments!


Posts: 124
2/26/12 3:09 P

This week has been extremely emotional. My guy said to me he'd rather I be fat than such a b*** one of my closest friends had been talking about me behind my back, a friend of mine blew 700 gambling. I had a "free" day on Thursday. -deep sigh- but I kept trying to do well, kept working out, kept making better choices. My guy apologized and is now super supportive. I'm pretty much focusing on me and forgetting my "friend" who talks about me and I'm helping my other friend deal with her gambling addiction..... and still....

I lost 2 pounds!

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