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5/16/13 9:31 A

emoticon I went to see some awesome concerts at Alpine Valley. Wish there were more venues closer to me. Hope you're still enjoying SP. emoticon

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6/16/12 12:35 A

Led Zeppelin originally opened for Vanilla Fudge, I believe.
But not for long...
they played for HOURS and I'm pretty sure my first ticket to Zep cost $3.
(maybe $3.50 lol)

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6/15/12 10:14 P

Our concert memory is of seeing Johnny Cash in Oakland at the Coliseum, no rock concert, but it was great, 43 years ago. We are going to see the Beach Boys next month, for one of their "50th. Anniversary Reunion" concerts, I like them now, but wasn't thrilled with them way back when..........

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6/15/12 10:10 P

The first date my husband of 30 plus years took me on was a concert ....... 'The Who' ..... it was wonderful, both the concert and him!!! ... emoticon emoticon
THAT WAS IN 1976, Oh, boy am I getting old, EEKS!

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4/3/12 8:55 P


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4/3/12 8:38 P

My take is if you remember the early rock concerts, much like the '60s, you weren't really there.


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4/3/12 6:48 P

First, I spelled the band's name wrong. It is spelled Aerosmith. I looked some more, and found they opened for Mott the Hoople and the Kinks; headliners I had forgotten!

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4/2/12 2:28 P

Hi, thanks. No, they definitely opened at two or maybe three concerts I attended. They were just starting out. It was in Boston and New Haven, CT or in the area. I've tried looking it up before.

Last week I went to a concert and there was an unknown opening band that was pretty good. Of course I was impatient for the headliner, but remembered how Arrowsmith was once an opening band - "history in the making."

JIBBIE49 Posts: 63,011
4/2/12 1:10 P

If you read their history on Wikipedia, there is nothing mentioned that they ever "opened" for anyone else, but they did play at a famous nightclub where they PAID to perform as they weren't asked to play there. That might be what you are thinking about. They are from the Boston area.

4/1/12 11:38 A

Does anyone remember going to concerts where Arrowsmith was the opening band? Who was the headliner?

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