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ANARIE Posts: 13,179
12/7/11 2:20 A

Their website is EXTREMELY sketchy. It has several of the red flags of a scam. It's written in not-quite-native English with many typos, they're cagey about what's actually in the product, there are different versions of the information in different parts of the site, the "customer care" link is dead, their return policy is "no returns, period", and most disturbingly, they give you NO idea of how much of the product you're going to get for almost $500! IMO, it's insane to give them $500 when they won't tell you if they're sending you an ounce or 25 pounds!

And for that price, they should be sending you at least 50 pounds. The product is xanthan gum, guar gum, and beta glucan. Those things are available at Whole Foods and a lot of other places for $3-$5 a pound.

Actually, the lack of information about what you're going to get is NOT the most disturbing part! I found something worse. Take a minute and read their "Terms and conditions." You know that checkbox that everyone checks without reading it? When you check it, you're agreeing that, among other things, they can charge you an extra $1000 on your credit card (and sue you for even more) if you ever write or say anything negative about the product! If you buy it, and then come here and say, "It was too expensive and I don't think it helped," they can call that defamation and breach of contract.

It's an incredibly expensive fiber supplement. That's all. As near as I can tell, for $480 (or $640; that's not entirely clear, either) you get 18 ounces. You can buy the same thing in the grocery store for under $20, maybe under $10.

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12/6/11 9:41 P

Agree Gimmick and diets don't work..

Sparks is free
Roca Labs will make you 640 dollars poorer..

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CIRANDELLA SparkPoints: (0)
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12/6/11 8:42 A

I haven't needed to look into it.

LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 25,760
12/6/11 7:38 A

Gimmicks and diets don't work.

Why not try the Spark way instead, for your long-term healthy lifestyle?

MJW82704 Posts: 7
12/6/11 3:15 A

I am considering buying the product myself. What do you think about it?

FUNKYMOMMY Posts: 2,516
10/15/11 12:16 A

I have orderd it and was wondering if anyone has had a good success with it?

FUNKYMOMMY Posts: 2,516
10/14/11 12:21 A


Has anyone tried this product?

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